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Overwatch 2 Battle For Olympus Event: New Game Mode, Free Skin and More

New event, new skins!

Overwatch 2 season 2 has already begun. With that, we have got a new tank hero in the battle pass called Ramattra. There are also a lot of balance changes for the start of the new season. If you want to see which heroes are good in this season, you can check out our Overwatch 2 All Heroes Tier list. But today, we will be covering the Battle For Olympus event.

We have got a few events since the release of Overwatch 2. Before this one, the latest event was the winter wonderland event. Now, the latest event has been announced and named Battle For Olympus. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Battle for Olympus event duration

Overwatch 2 event Battle for Olympus event will start on 5th January. Just like any other Overwatch event, this one will also be active for two weeks. So the event will end on 19th January. During the event, there will be new skins and new game modes players can play and enjoy.

New skins in the Battle for Olympus event

As we know, Overwatch season 2 is themed around the Greek Gods. And if the event name was not a giveaway already, we will be getting Greek-themed skins in this event. These are the following heroes that will get skins in this event:

  • Roadhog – Cyclops-Themed Skin (Legendary)
  • Reinhardt Minotaur-Themed Skin (Legendary)
  • Widowmaker – Medusa-Themed Skin (Legendary)
  • Lucio Hermes-Themed Skin (Legendary)

These are the event skins of Greek mythology Gods/Creatures. But there are Zeus Junker Queen, Poseidon Ramattra, and Hades Pharah skins available on the battle pass in various tiers too.

Image via Activision Blizzard

How to get Battle for Olympus event skins

All four legendary skins of the event will be available in the shop as a bundle for purchase. Each bundle contains its respective skin. Along with the skin, you will be getting one or two more items in the bundle. These items can be spray, weapon charm, highlight intro, victory pose, etc. But of course, you will be able to check what the bundle contains before buying them from the shop.

Battle for Olympus event new game mode

This new event will contain a twisted version of an old game mode. This game mode is the Deathmatch free for all. The twist for the game mode is that the heroes have different altered skills specifically made for this game mode. These skills take effect during their ultimate.

However, unlike the normal deathmatch, you cannot play all the heroes in this mode. The mode will feature seven heroes for you to choose from. These heroes are Junker Queen, Roadhog, Reinhardt, Lucio, Windowmaker, Pharah, and Ramattra.

Here are all the unique skills for this game mode:

  • Junker Queen: During ultimate, normal attack has a chance to summon lightning that deals additional damage.
  • Reinhardt: After using ultimate, get a 20-second timer. During this time, he can charge up to three people at once. Slamming enemies into the wall kills the target and heals him. Charge cooldown is greatly reduced.
  • Roadhog: Upon using ultimate, increases health by 600. Changes the ultimate to a rock shooter that deals massive damage and knocks enemies back. Increases melee damage by 5x. The Ultimate lasts 20 seconds.
  • Pharah: She can move during her ultimate. Killing a target extends the duration of the ultimate and heals her.
  • Windowmaker: Enemies who look at the window during her ultimate while she is scoped in will get killed instantly. She will petrify enemies in place for some time if she hits a target but doesn’t kill during the ultimate.
  • Ramattra: Vortex pulls characters and then launches them upwards. Pummel sends out a shockwave that travels longer and deals more damage. These effects are only applied to the ultimate state.
  • Lucio: After using ultimate, gives an extra jump when jumping off a wall. Boop stunts enemeis when hit into a wall. Increases attack and speed also gives infinite ammo for the duration of ultimate. The duration is 20 seconds.

So, in short, all the heroes that get Greek-themed skins are playable in this game mode. While you are in this game mode, you can use these newer skins to play with. All the characters have special greek themed extra ability while they are using ultimate. This lets you check out the skin before you decide to purchase it from the shop.

Is there a free skin in the Battle for Olympus event

Blizzard doesn’t announce free skin too early anymore. So we didn’t know what to expect before the event launched. However, since the event is here, we can see we will be able to get a free Mercy skin for free if we complete any of the 6 given events challenges. But we have to mention that, the challenges are not easy. You will have to play a lot to get them done. And if you are a new player, you may struggle a lot to complete the challenges.

overwatch 2 battle for Olympus event challenges
Image via Activision Blizzard

Besides the free mercy skin, if the past events are any indication, we are likely to get a free skin via Twitch drops during the event. And if the devs want, they can also give away a skin through the shop for 1 overwatch coin like they have done in the past. So make sure to keep an eye on the shop as t refreshes during the event.

Did this guide help you navigate the event better? Let us know in the comment below!

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