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New PS5 slim reportedly arriving in Q3 2023

A slimmer and light-weight version of PlayStation 5 might be on its way

According to reports by The Leak, a new version of PlayStation 5 might be coming to the stores in the latter half of 2023. After launching the PlayStation 5 in 2020, Sony might now be looking forward to redesigning its console, which will mainly shrink the size of the PS5. Sony released a redesigned version of PS4 in 2016 called the PS4 Pro. Though it is now being called slim, the final name of the redesigned version might be different.

Since the launch of the PS5, it has experienced a massive demand in the market and was found to be unavailable in many retail stores because of the high demand. As of June 2022, reports suggest Sony has sold around 20 million units worldwide. With the launch of a newly re-designed version almost three years later, Sony might be planning on taking these figures higher in the future.

New PlayStation 5 version might have some major changes in its design

The upcoming PS5 re-designed version will have some significant changes in its design and will shrink the size and weight of the console. This will use less voltage and run cooler compared to the current PlayStation 5 version available in the market.

Adding to the exterior design, Sony might be working on the stand that is needed when the console is lying down. This change might modify or even remove the flaps in the console and is often called unnecessary.

sony ps5 cover
Image via Sony

According to other reports by Insider Gaming, Sony might also re-design the new version of the console with a detachable disc drive which will also be portable. Sony might sell the PlayStation 5 console as one instead of the two different discs and digital versions, and the customers can buy the console as a bundle with the disc drive or buy the disc drive separately. 

The new version of the PlayStation 5 is expected to bring down Sony’s shipping and production costs and provide a better-looking console for customers.

PlayStation 5 re-designed slim version release date

Sony has not yet revealed any information about their upcoming design of the PlayStation 5. However, the report suggests that the PS5 slim will be available around the third quarter of 2023, while production will start in the second quarter of the same year.

ps5 dualsense
Image via Sony

The fans might have to wait for more time regarding any announcement from Sony on the new version of the PlayStation 5 console.

What do you think about the new slim and re-designed version of PlayStation 5? Let us know in the comments below!

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