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Netmarble’s Golden Bros launches globally on Android, iOS, and PCs

Special launch events are taking place

Golden Bros, a casual shooting game developed by Netmarble, is now available on the App Store, Google Play, and PC (via CUBE Launcher).

The game’s combat is fast and intense, lasting only three minutes. Players will engage in 3v3 crypto battles, which will motivate them to collaborate and defeat their opponents. A team’s momentum can shift at any time, as Bros will randomly acquire Capsule Abilities during gameplay, which can have a significant impact on the match’s outcome.

To outwit their opponents, players will need to adapt quickly to the abilities they gain on the battlefield, strategically build their own configurations, and employ a variety of tactics.

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Golden Bros will have special launch events

To commemorate the game’s grand launch, players can participate in a number of limited-time events and earn special rewards, including:

  • Bros Pass Event (July 28 – August 26): Upon clearing specific in-game missions, special rewards will be offered: Lady Thunder Gene x 450, Emotes x2, Portraits x2, and Name Tag x2
  • Jennifer PvE Event (August 8 – 14): Play as Jennifer and defeat the Boss stage to receive these special rewards: Jennifer Gene x150 and Emote x1
  • Mission Event (August 15 – 21): Players will need to complete in-game missions in order to receive the following rewards: Master Kung Gene x 150, Equipment Chest x2, and Equipment Selection Chest x1

While 9 special costumes would pique the interest of fans, with different ratings for Jennifer, Sugar-Sugar, Lady Thunder, and Margaret to wear into battle, players will receive different specs in terms of durability, token earning rate, and more depending on the costume rating.

The game has improved a lot from early access

Based on the feedback from the early access period, the game has been improved to provide a more stable and rewarding gaming experience. Those who participated in the early access period will have their earnings for the early access token, ‘eGBP,’ automatically converted to ‘Red Gadget’ (100 eBP -> 1 Red Gadget) upon the Grand Launch.

Furthermore, maintaining a higher tier will provide more opportunities to mine GBC as well as act as a deterrent for intentional defeat in matches, bot activity, and account creation abuse.

Netmarble F&C’s Golden Bros is the latest release from Netmarble to use blockchain technology, with related updates to be revealed gradually. To create different strategies during battles, players can use a variety of game features such as an easy control system, intuitive combat rules, and multiple maps. Because of the short battle periods and the ability to construct their own growth tree through various skill configurations, new experiences await players in each match. More information regarding the game can be found on the official website.

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