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Netmarble announces the final test for PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME for PC

Try out new features in the final test

Leading developer and publisher, Netmarble recently announced that the final test for the forthcoming free-to-play PC Action MOBA game PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME will take place from November 10 to November 21. The PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME final test will have a number of updates and even brand-new heroes, including two from the original Paragon roster and one who is entirely original to PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME.

New features are being tested in the new test of PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME

Anyone may play the team-based TPS Action MOBA PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME for free on PC. Players cooperate with colleagues to take control of the Prime battlefield while engaging in 5v5 combat. The objective of the game is for two teams to eradicate each other’s territory through quick-draw combat and clever maneuvers. A wide variety of strong heroes with special abilities from several classes, including Warrior, Support, Ranger, Caster, Tank, and Assassin, are available for players to pick from.

paragon the overprime gameplay
Image via Netmarble

Agnis of Light, a brand-new map, has been added. Players may play more tactically with a quick glimpse at the map thanks to new features including an expanded minimap. Additionally, players will discover a new Item Index and an improved lobby layout for a better quality of life.

The Tutorial and Training Grounds modes have also been reorganized in response to player input. Players may now learn the game and get different prizes based on the stage in Tutorials, and they can also visit Training Grounds with any hero to quickly determine which one best suits their playstyle.

The game is making its debut on the Epic Game Store

Along with Steam, Netmarble also announced that PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME is now available via the Epic Store. The game is making its global premiere on the Epic Games Store, which will eventually provide Early Access in addition to the imminent final test. The game wants to connect current gamers and players from Paragon by accessing this new platform.

paragon the overprime new heroes
Image via Netmarble

The legacy of the game is effectively carried on by PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME, which makes use of Paragon assets created by Epic Games in 2016. This brand-new 3D TPS MOBA experience emphasizes strategic gameplay with a variety of environments that include Jump Pads, Towers, a Core, and Portals. The game may be played on PCs with modest specs all the way up to 4K at 60FPS because it is designed for a wide range of PCs.

How to participate in the PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME final test

Follow these simple steps to participate in the PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME final test:

  • Go to your social media platform of choice and create a post about how excited you are for the Final Test! Be sure to include the Final Test poster and a Steam or Epic Games Store URL.
  • Download [Final Test Poster]
  • Take a screenshot of your social media post and share it on the channel [when-is-the-final-test-event] on the official Discord along with your Steam or Epic Games Account ID.

Players can now wishlist the game on Steam and the Epic Game Store. For more information regarding PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME, interested players can visit the official website, join the discord server, or follow the official Twitter account.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming final test of PARAGON: THE OVERPRIME? Let us know in the comments below!

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