NETGEAR partners with SuperRare to develop NFT display frames

Now Flex your NFTs in real life

NETGEAR and SuperRare have launched a one-of-a-kind collaboration to produce limited-edition digital artworks (NFTs). Each piece of art is generated by a network artist and tokenized as a NFT that you can own and trade. NETGEAR will collaborate with the SuperRare DAO to create a license and royalty model for displaying NFTs on digital screens.

Creating a new model for digital art

The purchase of $RARE tokens and participation in the SuperRare DAO marks the beginning of a new era for NETGEAR and a redoubling of its commitment to developing a new model for digital art. Its participation in the SuperRare DAO aims to influence the future of decentralization, community organizing, and artist empowerment.

What is Meural platform

Meural by NETGEAR was developed on the notion that through careful use of technology, access to and discovery of visual art could be transformed and become a part of people’s daily lives.

Meural has been a part of the NETGEAR Smart Home product portfolio since 2018 and contributes to the company’s vision of a completely connected world. The high-end digital Canvas may provide a realistic art viewing experience that can be controlled by gesture, desktop, mobile app, or voice (Amazon Alexa).

Netgear Meural SuperRare NFT
Image via NETGEAR

The Meural Canvas, with its library of over 30,000 licensed artworks, allows people to interact with their art on a regular basis and serves as the ideal media distribution platform for showcasing visual arts. The Meural platform liberates NFT collections from digital wallets and allows owners to display their purchases on the walls of their homes or offices.

SuperRare Pop-up event

Meural will also be shown in SuperRare’s pop-up gallery in New York’s SoHo district, which will bring together well-known NFT artists as well as the larger Crypto Art community. The SuperRare Gallery, which is open until August 28, has a rotating program of five NFT exhibitions, some curated by the company’s in-house curatorial staff and others by guest curators.

Additionally, while the new licensing agreement is being worked out, Meural will feature about 100 works handpicked by SuperRare on the Meural site.

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