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Netflix to step away from the binge model to become a weekly release platform, reports reveal

A bold move from Netflix, will it be successful?

Netflix in the last few years has cemented its name as one of the biggest names in the modern-day entertainment industry. They have provided a platform for the release of multiple shows and movies, while also pumping out a large helping of their own super-successful original content such as movies and shows. As per recent reports, it has been brought to light that Netflix is gearing up for a change in their current model of releasing episodes of a show in a binge-able way. Read further on to find out more about the probable upcoming change.

Netflix and its new model of one episode per week

Currently, Netflix follows the binge model, while releasing the episodes of a show. Basically, what happens is that they release all the episodes of a season of a show all at once, thus enabling viewers to binge all the episodes of the said season in one sitting, if they feel like it. These viewers could also decide on a slower pace for themselves. But according to reports cited by Comicbook, Netflix will release the episodes of a show in a weekly manner, rather than releasing an entire season at once. This has received mixed reviews in general, with people stating solid reasons for both ends of the spectrum.

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People rooting for the existing binge model have stated that they prefer to have the freedom of choosing their own pace for watching the show, be it 1 episode a day or 10 episodes in a single sitting or watching it every now and then, when they feel like it. On the other hand, people rooting for the one episode per week model have stated that, it is better as it builds up nice anticipation and the space of a week allows them to discuss and think about the episode, which watched to their own comfort.

Netflix and its new plan: What could be the contributing factors to the change

There could be more than one factor that prompted Netflix to make this decision. Netflix has been facing competition in recent years from other platforms like Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, etc., and has thus been under pressure to consistently keep up the quality of the content, while simultaneously sticking to their meta of releasing a whole season at once. Therefore, releasing one episode a week will allow them to have a longer time to work on the production of a show, as using this method will allow the audience to stick to one season over the course of a few weeks, while a new season is being developed. Disney+, Hulu, and Amazon Prime already use the one-episode-per-week model and Netflix plans to shift as well now.

Netflix Binge model weekly episode
Image via The Hollywood Reporter

The new system will also allow a series to grow its viewership over the course of a season, where each episode will see the emergence of new fans and allow others to suggest the show to others. Besides, it will also tackle the rampant posting of spoilers all over social media which spoils the fun of many viewers. All in all, the new system has more pros than cons and is a move that could prove to be very pivotal in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Although the move does indeed look good, it always remains to be seen how the general public reacts to the change. The reception will prove if the new model will be there to stay or if Netflix will be forced to revert back to the existing binge model. Another thing to note is that all of this is based on rumours, which are strong but still not official as of yet. Any further developments will be covered here.

Are you on the boat with the change? Or do you think the binge model should be retained? Let us know in the comments!

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