Netflix partners with Decentraland to bring ‘The Gray Man’ to the metaverse

Be 'The Gray Man' in Metaverse

Netflix makes its way to the popular Decentraland Metaverse by bringing its all-new movie, ‘The Gray Man’, to the platform. From July 22nd to August 1st, Netflix also held a “Metaverse Mission” for the movie. Participants were also rewarded with wearables from the movie “The Gray Man”. Here’s everything you need to know about Netflix’s Metaverse Mission in Decentraland.

The Metaverse Mission with The Gray Man

The Metaverse mission required players to enter the maze and complete it in the best time to win rewards. The official Decentraland website explained all the details in a blog. The blog post says that to be the best agent in the world, you will need to be the best agent in the metaverse.

Players will need to enter the maze in order to find a classified USB from the fountain in the maze. After finding the classified USB, players should go to the secret room to check their personal completion time for them to collect rewards.

The Metaverse mission will test players’ knowledge about “The Gray Man,” so only players who have all the knowledge about The Gray Man will be able to become agents in the metaverse. Players will need to find shortcuts, overcome obstacles, and beat their best times to win any of these wearables from the movie:

  • Sierra Six’s Jacket: suitable for all the needs of a Sierra Agent.
  • Lloyd’s Trash Stache: Nothing says “trash” like a stache/polo combo.
  • Miranda’s Bob: A cool suit and a cool hairdo.

The Metaverse Mission event started from Friday, 22 July at 06:30pm (UTC+5:30) To Saturday, 23 Jul at 06:30pm (UTC+5:30) and From Sunday, 31 Jul at 06:30pm (UTC+5:30) To Monday, 01 Aug at 06:30pm (UTC+5:30)

The Gray Man metaverse mission
Image via Netflix

How to claim the rewards

To claim the rewards, players must connect their crypto wallets to Decentraland in order to record the time it takes to finish their trip through the maze. Upon finishing the race, players can choose their reward from the three available rewards.

What do you think of this event? Entertainment industries are showing a lot of interest in Metaverse, NFTs and Web3 in general. Should Netflix do more of these events for its other Shows and Movies? let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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