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MultiVersus: The ultimate list of available and unavailable regions

Check whether the game is available in your region

The game MultiVersus can only be played in a few given regions, every player may not be able to play if they don’t belong to the region it’s been available to. The game is developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. This list below consists of all the regions where MultiVersus can be played and all the regions where it cannot be played.

MultiVersus available regions list

These regions are based on the StreamDB price lists:

  1. Argentina
  2. Australia
  3. Austria
  4. Belgium
  5. Brazil
  6. Canada
  7. Chile
  8. Colombia
  9. Costa Rica
  10. Cyprus
  11. Estonia
  12. Finland
  13. France
  14. Germany
  15. Greece
  16. Ireland
  17. Israel
  18. Italy
  19. Kuwait
  20. Latvia
  21. Lithuania
  22. Luxembourg
  23. Malta
  24. Mexico
  25. Netherlands
  26. New Zealand
  27. Norway
  28. Peru
  29. Poland
  30. Portugal
  31. Qatar
  32. Saudi Arabia
  33. Slovakia
  34. Slovenia
  35. South Africa
  36. Spain
  37. Switzerland
  38. Turkey
  39. U.A.E.
  40. Ukraine
  41. United Kingdom
  42. United States
  43. Uruguay

List of regions where MultiVersus is currently unavailable

multiversus cover
Image via Player First Games

There is no solid information about what are the exact regions available unavailable, SteamDb’s price listing was used by users to predict a few regions below:

  1. China
  2. Hong Kong
  3. India
  4. Indonesia
  5. Japan
  6. Kazakhstan
  7. Malaysia
  8. Philippines
  9. Russia
  10. Singapore
  11. South Korea
  12. Taiwan
  13. Thailand
  14. Vietnam

Servers users can choose to play on

There are a total of 6 servers available in the game at the moment to choose from while playing the online mode of the game. Servers can vary and players should choose servers which are near their region for a lag free and smooth experience of the game. Choosing servers far from the region players are in can result in a high ping and laggy gameplay.

Not every Region is supported

A question was raised by a player, the game was being played from Xbox in Asia server and it was showing connection lost as we can see in this image of the tweet which was done.

To this tweet Tony Huynh replied:

Hello, Asia is not support region currently. We will be coming soon to more territories when we more stable. Thank you for your patience.

Tony Huynh who is the game director of the game MultiVersus tweeted that Asia is not currently supported as a region for the game MultiVersus. Not only that there’s also many cases like this from different servers too, which makes it unavailable in many regions.

Previously before the open beta release of the game the players were able to play the game without any connection lost errors. Players from some of these regions which are facing the problem may not be able to play the game until it is fixed by the game developer team, though they are trying to add and make the game playable for every region.

Players cannot change their regions

There isn’t a way or option of changing the regions till now, the game detects the players region as and restricts them to play the game. Some may think of using a VPN but it is not a good idea to do so as the players might get banned from the game for doing so.

What are your thoughts on MultiVersus being available/unavailable in certain regions? Let us know in the comments!

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