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MultiVersus Guide: Top 5 Beginner Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Get all the necessary tips that you need

MultiVersus is a new free-to-play crossover fighting game available in selected regions, developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. Players in MultiVersus always want to learn a few tips and tricks about the game they just started playing. Beginners especially need some help here and there to speed up their progress slowly and enjoy the game further. Once the players understand the in-game terms and basics of the game, it will be a crazy experience for them.

MultiVersus best beginner tips, tricks, and strategies

1. Complete the beginners and advanced tutorial of MultiVersus

multiversus tutorials
Image via Player First Games

Completing the beginner and advanced tutorials available in MultiVersus helps the players get ahead of the game and rewards them with a strong character known as ‘Wonder Woman.’ In addition, it helps the players learn how to play the game by controlling the characters and accessing different options. Completing the tutorial also makes other characters available to play a bit earlier than usual.

2. Check stats and functions of each character from Collection Menu

multiversus characters
Image via Player First Games

Players can view each character in the Collection Menu tab. Even if the characters are locked for the players to play with, players can easily view the stats and functions of the characters. It will help the players know how each character performs in the game, their skills, and perks and how they can use each of those characters in the future to fight against the enemy teams. If you do not know which character you should go with, please check our MultiVersus character tier list.

3. Try out the characters through lab training

Trying out lab training is probably one of the best strategies to be good at MultiVersus. The lab training allows the players to test out every character and play with them even if they are not unlocked. Players can equip any perks and try out the character skills. It will help the players get used to the characters and have a better experience fighting or using skills when needed during a battle.

multiversus lab training
Image via Player First Games

Players can also try out different combos with the characters. It will also help the players know about team synergies, such as: which character is compatible with the other, so that it helps in the battle. It also helps the players to know which character they are more comfortable with and which fighting style matches them the best so that when it’s time to buy a character after saving up coins or Gleamium, they can choose the most suitable character from the Collection.

Not only that, but the training lab also lets players choose at which stage they want to play and test their skills. It will allow the players to understand which stage is suitable for which character to play.

4. Complete the starter missions in MultiVersus

multiversus starter missions
Image via Player First Games

Starter missions in MultiVersus are the very first missions of the game that the players can complete to earn experience and gold. They can use this to buy different characters from the store and any other rewards available. These missions are generally not very hard and help the players get a basic idea and experience about playing the game.

5. Change various game settings

multiversus settings
Image via Player First Games

Accessing the settings tab gives the players a whopping 100 Gold. Players can change various settings, whether controller settings or graphics settings, to make their gameplay smoother and much more accessible. If you are not sure which settings you should go for, check our MultiVersus best settings guide.

Having 2v2 battles also helps the players understand the game’s primary fighting mode, and players can earn a lot of coins playing the 2v2 battles. In addition, this also allows the players to realize which players go with each other for a fight.

What are your thoughts on all the given beginner tips? Comment down below!

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