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Monster Gym Championship: In-depth beginners guide, tips, and strategies

Learn all the necessary things about the game

The Monster Gym Championship,also known as Pokemon World Home, by Chan Studio is gaining much popularity among gamers. Gamers who love Pokemon will love this game for awesome entertainment with high animation and graphical gameplays. The game provides you with a lot of competition, so you might not get your first control or understanding of the game. If you practice daily, you will be familiar with the understanding and commands. We have summarized everything you need to know about the game and are waiting for you to follow along in this Monster Gym Championship beginner guide with more tips.

Monster Gym Championship: Overview

The game is based on a Pokémon life story. You have to select the characters and play with them. Catching Pokémon to battling with the gym leaders to compete in the championship is what the game is all about. You have to maintain your Pokémon by battling with the opponents and increasing the experience, which will benefit you by making battles easy. You can also trade or buy Pokémon by collecting items. The more powerful Pokémon, the easier the battle and journey.

If you are new to this game, you can easily grasp all the controls by playing the first battles. Remember, your dream team of Pokémon won’t be an overnight success but requires a long grind. We have covered all of your worries in this beginner guide for Monster Gym Championship.

Select your avatar and get into battle in Monster Gym Championship

The game will allow you to select an avatar to continue the game. You cannot continue in the game if you don’t select an avatar. There are two options either you can select Ash or Misty. This will not affect your Pokémon selections. You have to input your name in the game to name the character as you are in the game.

monster gym championship avatar
Image via Chan Studio

After doing all the steps, you will be in a battle in which you have maximum levels of Pokémon. You will be battling 3 Pokémon.  The game will teach you the basic attacks, like how you gonna attack and choose Pokémon as a substitute if another one gets knocked. After finishing the battle, the game will lead you to the basics. There you can learn more about how to train your Pokémon.

Terms to know in Monster Gym Championship

Rainbow Diamonds: It is a rare currency obtained by recharging. You can buy these by paying the said amount in the game. This will give a boost of rewards.

Diamonds: This is an important source that will help you to evolve your Pokémon and buy stamina. It can be bought from the store, or you can collect it from a difficult career mode by defeating opponents.

monster gym championship terms
Image via Chan Studio

Gold Coins: This is the most crucial element you will need to upgrade your Pokémon and for leveling up too.

Stamina: This is required to play battles. If you don’t have the stamina, you can battle with others.

Tips to make the best walkthrough in Monster Gym Championship

To make your walkthrough the best, you have to collect Pokémons. For collecting Pokémons you need to battle by going to the adventure section. There are many levels divided by the leagues. There is also a difficult section for the league to collect diamonds which you can use to evolve your Pokémons. By playing through all levels, you will be rewarded with Pokéballs in which you can catch wild Pokémons.

monster gym championship pokedex
Image via Chan Studio

By battling and continuing, you will be rewarded silver coins, which you can use to summon Pokémons. According to your luck, you will get your rarer Pokémon. Using the Pokédex, you can check what type of Pokémons you collected and get yourself a reward of Pokéballs.

How to get more rewards in Monster Gym Championship

You know, if you get more rewards, it will be easier for you to go through. You can go to the adventure section, which shows a map. You can go through all the levels, and in return, you will get rewarded. After you reach a certain level, you can proceed to a difficult section of the league in which you will be rewarded valuable diamonds by defeating all the opponents.

More battles can level you up and can open various sections like the gym battles, in which you can catch pokemons, collection albums, etc. You will also get a decent amount of stamina to play more battles.

You can also go to the events section to complete some events. In return, you will be rewarded with coins and diamonds. Stamina is also rewarded.

How to catch more Pokémon in Monster Gym Championship

There are a total of 2 ways of catching Pokémons. One is to battle in the adventure section, where silver coins are provided as a reward, or proceed to alola section, in which you need to catch wild Pokémons. If you purchased a dragon pass, you can get rare Pokémons.

All the menu options explained

Store: You can buy items for your pokemons to upgrade. You will get all the basic things you need to proceed more in-game.

Backpack: From here, you can view what items are there with you, like how many pokeballs, chests, etc.

Pokémon League: This option enables you to join a crew for Pokémon league, which helps to make the game more competitive. To become the very best, you have to defeat them all.

Pokéball: This option helps you to view all of your Pokémons.

Summon: This option helps you to summon Pokémons with the help of silver coins rewarded from the battles.

monster gym championship options
Image via Chan Studio

Navigation: This option gives you a map of where you are now and where to go next.

Activities: It is a section that gives you daily activities. After completion of the activity, you will be rewarded.

Mail: The notifications from the game about the latest news and latest events are done through the mail section.

Alola: In this section, you will be landed on an island on which you can catch wild Pokémons. You can also move to the next island, but you have to defeat the master to proceed o the next island. Different island sows different types of Pokémons.

Final Thoughts

Making your own journey as of your wish is the best thing many gamers like about this. You can go through the career mode, defeat the gym leaders to get a badge, and participate in the competition. It is a replica of the original pokemon series. You have to slowly upgrade yourself to be the best.

Being a huge fan of Pokémon games, Monster Gym Championship is decent, and you can play with your friends too. It is a new type of simulation, career, and action game. With this beginner guide, You can make a good headstart which will boost you to know more about the game and proceed further divisions. Collect your dream Pokémons and make free-flow gameplay!

What are your thoughts on the beginner guide of Monster Gym Championship? Let us know in the comments below!

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