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Monster Gym Championship guide: How to increase CP

Learn how to increase your CP

Monster Gym Championship is a worth strategy cum action game for Pokémon lovers by the developer Chan Studio. Many users fail to defeat their opponents as they don’t get the strategies or have less CP than their opponents. CP refers to the total strength of a Pokémon, and you can also identify their opponents by looking at their CP. CP plays the most crucial role in the game. If someone’s CP is less than others, it’s a disadvantage. Players must go for opponents who have equal or lower CP than them. The more the CP, the more the chances of winning.

Best tips and tricks to increase CP in Monster Gym Championship

There are many ways to increase the CP of the players. As CP matters the most in the game because it explains the experience and level of the Pokémon of the players. Here are the best ways to increase CP in Monster Gym Championship:

Battle with opponents

monster gym championship battle enemies
Image via Chan Studio

Go to the adventure section and then proceed to clear all of your levels in a particular division. After defeating your opponent your Pokémon will gain experience which helps them to level up and update all of their attacks. This can benefit you in both ways. First of all, you are clearing all levels which gives you rewards too and your Pokémon are also leveling up.

Train the Pokémon directly

monster gym championship train pokemon
Image via Chan Studio

Go to the Pokéball section from the main area. After clicking on it you can see all of your Pokémon. Clicking one Pokémon can give a detailed review. If you want to train a particular Pokémon you can select, and click the training button. Remember you need some particular items given to proceed with training. Without items, you cannot train your Pokémon. CP will increase after conducting a successful training for your Pokémon. If you do not know who are your best Pokemons, check this tier list.

Level up the Pokémon

monster gym championship level up
Image via Chan Studio

You can opt for Pokémon level up. Select your particular Pokémon from the Pokéball section and click on the PLUS (+) sign located at the top right corner. By clicking on it, the screen will display you some experience drinks needed to level up. If you have the resources for it, proceed further. After leveling up, CP will increase that pokemon.

Upgrade attacks of thePokémon

monster gym championship upgrade attacks
Image via Chan Studio

After you are done with leveling up and training your Pokémon. You can go to the skill section to upgrade their attacks and make them stronger. The more you level up, the more you can upgrade their attacks. This can increase the CP of your Pokémon to the maximum level. After going through this all, your Pokémon will be more powerful with more CP.

Evolve the Pokémon

monster gym championship evolve pokemon
Image via Chan Studio

You can proceed to the evolution of your Pokémon. You can evolve your Pokémon with the help of crystal stone. If you don’t have much then you can go to the store and buy it with gems. This will make your Pokémon evolve. After evolving, the Pokémon you obtain is much stronger than in the previous stage. New attacks are learned by the Pokémon and CP gets increased.

Make the Pokémon powerful through the TM section

Image via Chan Studio

You can go to the TM section through the Pokédex by selecting the particular Pokémon you need to upgrade. You can use the resources to strengthen your Pokémon which can increase your CP massively.

Star up the Pokémon

monster gym championship star up pokemon
Image via Chan Studio

You can opt for Staring up your Pokémon. If you select a particular Pokémon for increasing CP and if you have a duplicate of it, you can star them and make your Pokémon stronger than before. For staring up you need to have similar duplicate Pokémon.

Upgrade the Pokémon through Talent Section

monster gym championship talent section
Image via Chan Studio

You can go to the Talent Section from Pokémon by selecting the particular Pokémon you need to train. If you don’t use some of your Pokémon and don’t know what to do with them. You can opt for Talent. With the help of your backup Pokémon, you can increase their CP.

Here is the total guide and the most possible ways to make your CP increase. Most people don’t know about this and fail to hustle in the game. We provided you with the best ways to increase your CP massively in a short span of time. Learn the ways and apply them to the game. Make your bold move and go through it. Keep grinding! Also, feel free to check out the beginners guide to know the Monster Gym Championship basics.

What are your thoughts on the mentioned ways to earn CP? Comment down below!

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