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Monster Gym Championship guide: How to play with friends

Play and enjoy the game with your friends

Monster Gym Championship by Chan Studio offers players the option for multiplayer gaming along with its strategic game style. Players can now enjoy the purest form of battle with intense graphics and gameplays with their friends. If someone ever feel bored by battling in the adventure section, clearing events, and getting rewarded, they can always call their friends for a multiplayer Pokemon battle! Players can show off your skills and strategies to their friends and can also learn from them.

Monster Gym Championship: Ways to play with your friends

Within League Friendly Battles

monster gym championship league system
Image via Chan Studio

You can make a league of your friends and play with them. In order to challenge your friends, you need to create a league and make your friends join the league first. By going to the Pokemon league section and proceeding to the information, you can find the friends who are available in the league.

You can also see the friends who are online and challenge them. But remember that your friend and you have to be on the same island in the alola section in order to proceed to a battle.

Battle with friends with the help of the chat section

monster gym championship chat section
Image via Chan Studio

The chat section offers you to communicate with your friends in-game. You can send voice messages too through it. Inside the chat section, you can observe the world, league, zonal and private sections. You can challenge anyone from the mentioned sections.

Battling with friends through the friend section

monster gym championship friends section
Image via Chan Studio

You can also go to the friend section where you can challenge your friends. If you want to add friends proceed further in the add section and you can see your friend requests also you can search for your friends by entering their ID or in-game name. After successfully adding them, you can play together.

It was all for the guide to play with your friends in Monster Gym Championship. We have provided you with the best guide that will help you in playing the game. Many users often don’t know much about the game and find it difficult to proceed. Make your pokemon team as strong as you can and enjoy it with your friends. Also, gain experience through it. Keep hustling and keep grinding!

What are your thoughts on the multiplayer feature available in Monster Gym Championship? Let us know in the comments below!

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