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Mones is a new Play-to-Earn MMORPG out now on Android and iOS

iOS users can be a part of the beta through TestFlight

Another day, another play-to-earn game and this time we have Mones, a new MMORPG with combat and NFT elements. The game offers multiplayer and social features (a bit obvious considering the genre), guilds, over a different 100 character combinations, 8 game modes including PvE and PvP gameplay and the ability to craft and mint special and rare mythical equipment, which ties into the P2E elements.

Mones MMORPG, Mones game
Image via Mones

The core gameplay involves strategically deploying your heroes on the battlefield and well, battling it out. The game looks and feels fairly generic but then with the constant inflow of these games, saying that is a bit redundant since for a lot of these titles, the gameplay is designed around the monetization, not the other way around like usual.

The game is meant for more experienced players 

Now the main currency of the game is the $MONES and when you get into the tokenomics, it’s obvious that the game is meant for more serious players. For more information on how the play-to-earn elements of this game work, players can refer to the official website for the game and it will take a certain amount of understanding to figure out the mechanics of this game.

In case you’re interested in what Mones has to offer, then you can directly download it from the Google Play Store for free for Android devices or sign up for the beta through TestFlight since the game isn’t available on iOS yet.

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