Metaverse Standards Forum: Leading companies team up to build an open and united Metaverse experience

The who’s who of tech are now driving tech to power the Metaverse

The Metaverse has now gotten a big push as corporations and organizations like Adobe, Alibaba, Epic Games, Huawei, IKEA, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Sony, Unity, and Meta themselves have now collaborated and come up with The Metaverse Standards Forum to come up with various projects in the tech vertical to define metaverse standards going forward and improving interoperability through prototyping, hackathons, and open source development.

Tech giants are now gearing up for unlocking the true potential of the Metaverse

Having the biggest names that have been at the forefront of technological development working on creating a solid metaverse is really something that’s going to rapidly accelerate development, making a more realistic, purposeful, and usable metaverse a possibility.

Image via Metaverse

The consensus among these organizations is that a foundation built on open standards is the best starting point for the metaverse to grow and progress. According to the official announcement, interactive 3D visuals, Augmented and Virtual Reality, real-time collaboration, multiplayer gaming, and physical stimulation are just a few of the implications of a strong and well-designed metaverse system.

Even more, corporations are now being welcomed to contribute as there’s space for standards organizations, corporates, and even universities to join for completely free. Discussion regarding the main objectives of the Forum will be kicking off in July 2022. The involvement of organizations from across the globe, including Alibaba and Huawei representing the Chinese superpower, is an indication of how just like the internet, this is something that has a lot of potential and is being worked on as a global collaboration.  

Are you excited about the launch of the grand Metaverse Standards Forum? Do you think it will enhance your metaverse experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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