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MetaGods, an old-school RPG with play to earn elements, opens alpha testing

Back to 2000s

MetaGods is an upcoming play to earn MMORPG which is built on a blockchain, where users can choose their characters as demigods and walk on their path to become a worthy god by fighting monsters on the way, exploring various caves and dungeons and battling powerful bosses or deities. Now the game has opened alpha testing ahead of its global release.

MetaGods will take you back to the early 2000s

MetaGods looks like the early generation of video games, for example, Contra and Mario. Users will be able to choose any character of themselves as a demigod with various talents and abilities to start their journey.

In this way, they will meet various challenges which include defeating powerful monsters and exploring underground cells or places called dungeons. Users will loot these dungeons to gain loot and various virtual components which they can trade with other players with tokens to earn real-time money.

Metagods gameplay, metagods nft
Image via MetaGods

Once the player becomes strong enough with different abilities to become a true God, they will face really strong Bosses and supreme deities to move to the next stage of their journey.

There are two types of tokens which makes up for MetaGods in-game Economy and are called $MGOD and $RELIC. The $MGOD token can be used to enter tournaments, special events and raids conducted in game.

They can also be used to buy various journey packs which include new characters and weapons. Whereas the $RELIC can be used to buy in-game consumables and can be used in the marketplace activity in the game.

How to play the MetaGods Alpha version

  • Go to the Metagods website
  • A pop-up will appear automatically asking the users to enter their email address
  • After entering the email address check the box below to agree to their terms and conditions and press Play
  • Users will be asked to connect their Wallet connect or Metamask
  • Once the wallet had been connected they can play and enjoy the game

MetaGods game is based on BNB which includes BSC (Binance Smart Chain). The developers are also trying to make Solana the blockchain of the game.

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