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Bioware’s Mass Effect 4 recent reveals may suggest a plot point

Buckle up for the biggest news on Mass Effect 4

The Mass Effect series is the legendary space opera saga developed by the talented folks at Bioware. The sequel title Mass Effect 4 was announced via a teaser on December 2020 and Bioware has been pretty tight-lipped about it ever since. However, They recently revealed one of the most significant details about the game on Twitter which we are going to discuss in this Mass Effect 4 biggest reveal article.

Mass Effect 4 biggest reveal yet

The official Twitter account of Mass Effect and Bioware have jointly posted a short glimpse of what seems to be a  new Mass relay. This on the surface seems a pretty simple thing but as you zoom into the text on the bottom it mentions “Vacum dock relay construction” and “ Sub-Navarck Soa’rhal”. Which indicated the Mass relay is under construction and the construction is being handled by Quarians as the name suggests.

What are Mass relays in Mass Effect

For those who are looking to get an entry into the series after being fascinated by these teasers, Mass relay might be a tough one to understand. So to keep it simple Mass relays are a creation of the reapers or leviathans ( Ancient powerful species of creatures) which gathers a Mass effect field around an object coming into contact and launch in enough power and velocity to reach any solar system that is pre-selected.

The implications might be huge

The reapers are gone so Quarians building or repairing a Mass relay indicates that firstly the destroy ending is the cannon one, and secondly as the citadel was destroyed this might mean all the species are trying to connect with each other and form a new Citadel. As the destruction might be the cannon ending, in one of the two variants of destruction endings “Shephard survives” and that in itself makes me excited about the sequel.

What do you think of the recent updates on Mass Effect 4? Let us know in the comments below!

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