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MARVEL World of Heroes is announced by Niantic and Marvel

Fight super villains in real life

A lot of new Marvel games were revealed and showcased during the Disney & Marvel GAMES SHOWCASE at Disney’s D23 Expo 2022 today. One of the most hyped games among them was Marvel World of Heroes, a real-world superhero game. Famous developer Niantic is partnering up with Marvel to bring this new AR game.

Marvel World of Heroes brings the iconic Marvel universe to real world

Marvel World of Heroes is the first Marvel game where players can become their own unique Marvel superhero to be a part of the universe. Marvel World of Heroes will break ground by extending its gameplay to real-world like other Niantic games. Players and their friends and famous Marvel Super Hero teammates face off against Marvel Super Villains and interdimensional dangers in this social gaming experience.

Players can design their superhero background and persona to stop crimes, finish Super Hero missions, and thwart interdimensional threats. They will also need to patrol their local areas to prevent crime from happening around them.

As the players reach new levels, they can gain new tools and skills and join forces with famous Marvel Super Heroes like Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America, and others to take on infamous Super-Villains. First, they must defend the Multiverse from the cosmic and terrestrial dangers.

Niantic is a famous AR game developer who builds augmented reality technology that powers the real-world metaverse. Niantic’s Lightship platform is the world’s first scaled AR platform, enabling developers around the world to create sophisticated AR experiences for phones and eventually AR glasses. It is also the foundation for Niantic’s hit games, including Pokémon GO, Pikmin Bloom, and Ingress.

What are your thoughts on Niantic’s upcoming AR game Marvel World of Heroes? Comment down below!

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