Lamborghini releases its brand new NFTs titled ‘EPIC ROAD TRIP’

To the moon and beyond!

Supercar maker Lamborghini recently made their brand new NFT collection go live. They claim that it is going to be an “Epic Road Trip” going “To the moon and beyond”. After partnering with NFT PRO and INVNT.ATOM, Lamborghini dropped their new collection for their fans which offers them quite benefits.

New Lamborghini NFTs

The new Lamborghini NFTs will go live and will be available for only 24 hours for purchasing. A total of 4 NFTs will be released each day for 4 days consecutively in each month. The last NFT will be very limited as only a few copies around 63 of them will be available for the users to buy, so it’s a limited time sale. They also have a reward which is a special NFT for the ones who are going to collect each NFT each month including the regular 3 NFTs and one limited time 4th NFT.

The Lamborghini sports car has always been a dream and power for the ones who are into the sports car industry since their release in 1963. It has always been in the front and is one of the most popular brands for making and selling sports cars of people’s dreams. Christian Mastro who is the marketing director of Lamborghini said that “Lamborghini entering the virtual world of modern Collecting with NFTs is the evolution of the dream”.

On the other hand INVNT.ATOM, the global digital division of INVNT GROUP, made the whole design, strategy and marketing communications possible.

Benefits of owning The Lamborghini NFTs

Owning the Lamborghini NFTs will result in getting rewarded, for the one’s who are going to buy the two full monthly collection of NFTs will be rewarded with a digital artwork by the Lamborghini Centro Stile. Not only that but those users who completed the acquisitions of the first 4 months will also be awarded with a special gift. These people will have an amazing opportunity to participate in an amazing tour of Sant’Agata Bolognese’s Headquarters.

Lamborghini NFTs, The Epic Road Trip NFTs
Image via Lamborghini

Christian Ferri who is the CEO of NFT PRO said a few words of his own- “Lamborghini loyalists and cryptocurrency fans will be amazed by this next series of drops that culminate in a very special reveal next March.”

NFT PRO is one of the Lamborghini’s partner which engages in with the consumers of Web3. More information about the NFTs can be found on their website.

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