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Kingdom Hunter: The Play-to-Earn TCG opens for pre-registration on Android and iOS

In-game rewards worth real money are now up for the grabs even before the game is out

RedFox Gamesstrategy TCG called Kingdom Hunter is now up for pre-registration. In the game, players are tasked with creating the Kingdom, and then the plot moves to ancient gods, who will help players with world dominance. The game features Hero cards, of which there are more than 140 divided into 80+ classes and they’ll be used by players in battles. Players also have to maintain the different structures in their base and engage in PvP turn-based battles with other rulers and enter alliances with friends.

Pre-register and invite friends for rewards that can be turned into crypto

Now aside from the gameplay, the Play-to-Earn elements are also a notable feature. Runestone and Lord Coin, which are the in-game currencies, can be converted to Cryptocurrencies through Wemix and players can start earning before even playing the game. By pre-registering on the game’s official website, players can get the following rewards: 

Image via RedFox Games
  • Runestones x1000
  • 4 Star Heroes Recruitment Ticket x1
  • Premium Hero Recruitment Ticket x5
  • Normal Hero Scout Ticket x5
  • Premium Kingdom Transfer Ticket x2
  • AP Recovery Potion (+100) x5
  • [Common] Time Acceleration (1 hour) x10
  • Food Increase (100k) x5
  • Gold Increase (100k) x5
  • March Acceleration (25%) x5

There is also the friend invitation event, Google Play Store and App Store pre-registration, and Lord Coin AirDrop Event, all of which offer rewards to players who sign up. If you’re looking for a strategy turn-based TCG with P2E elements, then Kingdom Hunter is definitely worth a try. Although there’s no official release date announced yet, interested players can start pre-registering on Android, iOS, or on the game’s official website.

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