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Joyride Games launches on Flow, its Web3 Game Publishing Platform

Joyride Brings Popular and Wide-Appeal Game Solitaire Blitz to Mobile Web3

Joyride Games, Inc. today announced the launch of their casual Web3 games platform On Flow. Solitaire Blitz, the first casual mainstream game from Joyride that makes Web3 gaming accessible to all players, attracted more than 500,000 active users in the first four weeks of its release, ranking it as the top game on the Flow blockchain and among the top 10 blockchain games overall by volume and users.

Joyride’s platform for game developers offers a complete response to their requirements as they create, release, and scale blockchain games with player-owned economies and assets.

Solitaire Blitz is the first game to join on Flow platform

“We evaluated blockchain protocols against our needs as a games platform for consumers and found that Flow provides us an excellent solution to on-board users easily and to grow with our ecosystem and player community. We are excited to launch Solitaire Blitz on Flow to onboard the next billion users to blockchain.”

Omar Siddiqui, CEO and Founder of Joyride.

A polished version of the well-known card game Klondike Solitaire, Solitaire Blitz features an updated design, amusing twists, and a number of variations for various player types. Gamers can take part in leisurely game sessions or participate in leagues and tournaments to win $RLY tokens.

Solitaire Blitz, Solitaire Blitz NFT
Image via Joyride Games

For the previous three months, the game has been in beta, and hundreds of gamers have already played it for more than 40 minutes per day. With the ability to play directly on the blockchain, Solitaire Blitz began on the Flow main-net in early June and has already grown to 500k+ active users.

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