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Insomniac’s Wolverine will reportedly target a Mature Rating

Spec Ops: The Line writer is behind this game's script.

According to industry insider Jeff Grubb, Insomniac’s Wolverine is looking for a Mature rating and might be published as early as next year. According to reports, the in-development game from Insomniac Games, the company responsible for the popular Spider-Man franchise, is aiming for a “hard R” classification, which is different from the majority of superhero games.

The creators of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Brian Horton, and Cameron Christian, will helm the standalone Wolverine game.

Wolverine might be have Semi-Open World design

Jeff Grubb discussed about the game during a GiantBomb podcast – Game Mess Mornings, here he revealed that the game will target a mature rating as the game would involve violence, gore, and dismemberment of humans.

Taking place before the character joins the X-Men, Wolverine is planned to be a standalone experience. Avoiding any references to the X-Men films is part of Insomniac’s effort to create a new and exciting experience. Ryan Schneider, head of franchise strategy and studio relations at Insomniac recently said that they would like to preserve the character’s DNA and try to give a fresh take while respecting the source material.

The game will likely feature a “Semi-open”, linear design, providing the players with a big-enough world to explore while going from mission to mission. Grubb also suspects that Wolverine might appear in Spiderman 2, either in a post-credit scene or as a very short cameo.

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Grubb also said “Maybe the surprising thing for me is that I’ve heard two different dates… I’ve heard as early as fall 2024, which would be wild. Insomniac is putting out Spider-Man 2 this fall… I’ve also heard internally they’re still very much talking about 2025, so let’s not be surprised if that’s what happens.“But if anyone can pull off releasing two major, triple-A, massive games in back-to-back years, it is Insomniac.”

So, the team is targeting a fall 2024 release but, the game might slip into 2025 due to lengthy development cycles. Insomniac Games is currently also working on Spiderman 2, in which Peter Parker and Miles Morales will likely take on Kraven and Venom. 

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