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Idle Luca tier list: Best characters ranked

Best characters for grind!

Idle Luca is an idle RPG by Com2uS, the game runs on Com2uS’ own C2X blockchain platform. The game features the cutest characters who can be summoned as mercenaries to fight battles for the players. And to do well in the game, players would need to know who are the best characters in the game. So in this article, we’ll take a look at Idle Luca character tier list and decide who are the best picks.

Idle Luca back story

Idle Luca is set on a planet where there was a huge explosion, only Ethers existed on this planet. The huge explosion created four attributes on the planet which include fire, water, wind and water. The byproducts of the explosion created an entirely different planet called Rovelius. Rovelius had gods who ruled the land based on their powers which were light and dark. Followers of these two gods constantly clashed and this has now led to an all out war between the two.

Players will now go on a tough and tiring journey through Rovelius, where they will fight numerous battles to become the best mercenary. Players throughout the game will earn rewards by completing daily tasks and by participating in PvP battles. Intelligent strategy with perfect understanding of each character is the key to winning PvP battles in Idle Luca. Feel free to check our detailed Idle Luca review to know the game in detail.

Idle Luca character tier list

Players will be able to choose characters with 6 different attributes including fire, water, wind, earth, dark and light. They will take the role of dealers, tankers, supporters and buff.


Idle Luca Ailee
Image via Com2uS

Ailee is the only daughter of the noble family and the Proper lady of lightning. She is an intelligent and powerful witch who is now learning how to use the Mana from the high elf on the island in Teles.


Idle Luca Luin
Image via Com2uS

Luin is a collective creation by the god of light and darkness. He is also the guardian of both light and darkness. He is always in touch with animals and loves peace around him, but he also makes sure he intervenes when the world is in grave danger.


Idle Luca layla
Image via Com2uS

An excellent student who is always working hard to improve her mana, she is also a genius magician from the school located in Castrin. She is called the apprentice of flame.


Idle luca Volken
Image via Com2uS

The king of the wolf tribe who leads the pack. He is known for his charisma and his survival skills as he has survived countless battles with his ability to handle two swords at a time. He is adored by the wolf tribesmen for his bravery and strength.


Idle luca hoya
Image via Com2uS

Hoya is a cute Gourmet who loves to eat, although he looks all cute and innocent he is an excellent hunter and cook who can use his skills to kill his prey.


Idle luca lepis
Image via Com2uS

Lepis is known as the owner of the Halidoms, she went looking for the halidoms when she figured out that they could help her become the leader of the tribe as she suffered with lack of confidence. She has also studied ancient myths, etherics and magic training.

These are the best characters from Idle Luca tier list who can be used to play the game and also earn at the same time.

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