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Himo World: The roguelike match-3 NFT game is now out on Android and iOS

A simplistic free to play experience

A new free-to-play strategic match-3 experience has now landed on Android and iOS. Himo World is a game where players can build decks of heroes and summon them in battles. The gameplay is fairly simple to learn and get good at although it also advertises itself as challenging too for experienced players. Players basically have to join 3 or more gems to summon a hero. There are PvP battles and competitive events to keep players hooked to the game and provide a sense of challenge.

Solve puzzles, earn and trade the $HIMO token and NFTs 

Coming to the blockchain Play-to-Earn elements, the $HIMO token can be earned by crafting heroes (an opportunity to get creative with the game) and participating in the Esports events that the game hosts.

Image via Himo World

There are also NFTs that can be earned from the game and sold for profit. Players can trade the game’s official token with other players worldwide and upgrade their decks with it. The game is still free-to-play friendly so players getting into the game don’t have to spend anything to get started.

If you’re a novice Blockchain gamer, then this game could be a good title, to begin with. Interested players can start their journey by downloading the game either on Android or iOS platforms. Additionally, Himo World can be played through your web browser as well. For more information on the gameplay, hero cards, and tokenomics, players can refer to the game’s official website here.

Are you excited as Himo World has now launched on both Android and iOS platforms? Let us know in the comments below!

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