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Hill Climb Racing 3 is announced by Fingersoft

Oldshool game getting a new take

Fingersoft is bringing their Headliner back with a third Sequel named Hill Climbing Racing 3. A third installment to the immensely popular physics-based game has reportedly been in development for quite a few months now and has finally been officialized by the developers. Gamers once again get to ride with Newton Bill to embark on a journey through the highest of hills and reminisce on their teen days on their android and iOS devices.

The original game got its first sequel in 2016 and has been gaining positive reviews amassing millions of downloads. Both games have bagged 2 billion downloads in total, which is a remarkable milestone for any game development company.

Previously this year, the unofficial announcement about the third sequel came during the 10-year anniversary of the first game. According to the game devs, gamers will be able to have a look at the new sequel by early next year.

Expect a new direction with the old taste

Previously with their first sequel, Fingersoft took a huge leap by switching to online multiplayer from their old offline mode. They brought new features while keeping some of their iconic ones. This time also, the heads in Fingersoft have hinted the same; the game is about to take a new turn while maintaining the essence of its predecessors.

hill climb racing wallpaper
Image via Fingersoft

This means we are going to see further features, quite, possibly new online modes, and in-game customization options. The game will feature 3D graphics, exciting physics-based gameplay, and real-time multiplayer competitions. The devs have also stated that they will target a different audience this time while keeping the core theme from the previous liners intact.

What do you think about the upcoming Hill Climb Racing 3 Game? Let us know in the comments below.

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