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Heroes Chained: An upcoming fantasy-based blockchain game enters closed beta

Only 500 limited seats are available

Heroes Chained is a fantasy-based RPG, where players can choose to become guild masters and assemble legends. The creators of the game recently released the trailer of the game along with the announcement of closed beta. Heroes Chained is a “play and earn” game instead of “play to earn” game thus it centres around the condition of craftsmanship and ongoing interactions.

The closed beta seats are limited this time and to participate, players will need to try their luck through Twitter only.

Heroes Chained offers plenty of things to do

The players in the game gather around legends and send attack on the evil that obliterates the nation of Ventuna. The game can be played in numerous modes such as PvP and PvE modes, PvP can be considered as team vs team and guild vs guild attacks.

The players must build their own team or guild consisting different heroes and go on a journey to fight other guilds and conquer their lands and complete quests. The players will also have to craft their own weapons and consumables to use in a battle they are in or to explore dangerous dungeons.

Heroes and Legends are the main principal part of the society in Heroes Chained. The legends can be gathered and updated from various races and cross-breaded to make new remarkable legends with upgraded capacities. Later they can be fought on with. The Heroes are the NFTs and are stored and can be traded on the blockchain.

Heroes Chained, Heroes Chained wallpaper
Image via Heroes Chained

HeC token is the utility token

Legends Chained or HeC is the in-game money and administration badge of the Heroes Chained game. It can be used to trade NFTs, assets, purchase lands and vote own decision. The tokens can be obtained by winning various missions in the game, tournaments and participation in special events too.

The Heroes Chained game’s closed beta will be released on August 5, 2022, along with the game’s Wallet and Marketplace system. Other gamification modules and expansions will be released over time throughout Q4 of 2022 and Q1 of 2023. The game is set to be fully operable and functional by the early months of the next year, 2023.

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