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Golden Bros Equipment guide: Here’s how to get the best items

The definitive guide to understand equipment

Netmarble‘s latest blockchain game Golden Bros is now released worldwide giving the players a chance to play and earn from the game. To earn from this game, players will need to invest first and make a strong character with powerful equipment. And in this article, we’ll guide the players with everything that they need to know about the equipment in Golden bros starting from its grades, where to get items, how to upgrade etc.

Each character has four equipment slots. By default, each slot has fixed Stats assigned to it. Aside from the default Stats, newly acquired equipment is assigned Bonus Stats at random based on the item’s Grade. There are four different types of Bonus Stats that can be obtained. Equipment can be levelled up and upgraded by combining it with other items of the same type. Purchased equipment will be kept in the Equipment Inventory. Gems can be used to increase the number of Inventory slots.

How to get equipment in Golden Bros

Equipment items can be earned in a various ways.

  • Camping Chests: Obtained from the Camping Chests received after Battle at random.
  • Chest Purchase from the Shop: Equipment Chests drops items randomly
  • Daily Shop: Equipment can also be purchased when available in the Daily Shop’s Line-Up
  • Event Missions: Players can occasionally earn equipment items from event missions
Golden bros equipment
Image via Netmarble

How to level up the equipment

Equipment Stats can be enhanced by levelling up your equipment. The maximum level of an Equipment is decided by its Grade.

  1. Players need to first select the Equipment they want to Level Up in the Equipment Inventory. Now, tap the Level Up button to open the Equipment Level Up screen.
  2. Choose the equipment you’ll use as material and use Gold to Level Up. Equipment of the same type can be used, irrespective of its Grade.
  3. Level Up has a success or failure chance and you can try to Level Up once the Equipment fulfills 100% XP. Please note that if a Level Up fails, the material consumed will not be back.
Golden Bros, Golden Bros NFT, Golden Bros play and earn
Image via Netmarble

Golden Bros equipment grades and how to upgrade it

C to SSR grade equipment is available in Golden Bros. Once an Equipment’s Max. Level is reached, it can be upgraded by combining it with other Equipment of the same type and grade as materials. Bonus Stats can be given at a fixed rate when it is upgraded.

  1. To view the Equipment Info, select the maxed-out Equipment from the Equipment Inventory. The Level Up button will have been replaced by the Upgrade button.
  2. To get to the Upgrade screen, click on the Upgrade button. Continue by paying Gold for another Equipment of the same Grade and Type as the required material.
  3. Up to 5 Bonus Stats can also be unlocked when Upgrading the item
GradeRegular Equipment Grade Bonus StatsPossible Bonus Stats Upon Next UpgradeBonus Stats Unlock Rates
R21 – 230%
SR31 – 320%

Each League Tier attained activates a set of Equipment Grades that can be upgraded. When lowering a League Tier, any previously upgraded Equipment will have its effects adjusted to match the current League standards.

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