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Ghost of Tsushima is reportedly coming to PC in 2023

A big hope for the PC players

A leaker named Adrien Perea has reported that Ghost Of Tsushima, the famous console adventure game by Sony is going to get released on PC in 2023. Ghost of Tsushima is currently available on PlayStation only. The leaker has previously proved a lot of his leaks to be true in the past despite having a small follower base and being known by fewer people.

Leaks report Ghost of Tsushima will release on PC in 2023

The leaker Adrien Perea only put up a Twitter post regarding the leak, with no specific information about the detail, release, or features of the game. No opinions regarding the matter were given in the Twitter post as well.

He also made another post a few days back about Ghost Of Tsushima. The leaker seemed pretty confident about the leak when he was asked if he was sure about the leaks. He replied, “I’m sure.” A lot of his past leaks have already turned out to be true, so fans can expect this one to be true as well.

Adrien previously proved his credibility with GeForce NOW leaks

Previously, Adrien Perea provided us with some leaks when Ghost of Tsushima was listed in GeForce NOW. He always retweets his old leaks and tweets after they are accurate and confirmed to prove how right he was which shows his credibility. He also provides the dates of the release and everything most of the time, even before it gets announced officially, and is also proven right a nice amount of times.

ghost of tsushima geforce now leak
Image via Reddit

The leaker once jumped to the conclusion with the idea of Assassin’s Creed Remake but was proven wrong by Ubisoft a lot of his tweets are right, maybe he was just playing a game of assumptions.

Considering his old tweets and the Ghost Of Tsushima listed on GeForce NOW old leak, made his point even stronger which most of the time is true. We may be able to see Ghost Of Tsushima on PC in 2023, still, please remember that it’s not yet officially confirmed yet and is still just a rumor.

What are your thoughts about the leaks regarding Ghost of Tsushima coming to PC? Comment down below!

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