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Garden In! is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in 2023

Grow your favorite plants in this cute game

Garden In! is a cozy garden sandbox game developed by Italian studio Dramatic Iceberg. The title is the studio’s first paid video game offering. Early in 2023, Bonus Stage Publishing will release the game for PC and Nintendo Switch. Players can grow gardens from their dreams in this cute and relaxing sandbox game.

Take care and build the plant of your dreams in Garden In!

Players are given free rein to decorate the first room in the game however they want to. They may move furniture around, paint the surroundings, and—most importantly—grow plants in their area, which is essentially like a tiny, ideal sandbox. plenty of flora.

garden in gameplay
Image via Dramatic Iceberg

Players will initially have a limited selection of seeds that they can plant in soil, water, rocks, and a variety of pots. However, as they learn more, combine different seeds, and experiment with various growth environments, their seed collection will continue to expand, eventually making them the most knowledgeable horticulture on the planet. As they go through the game, additional rooms and regions become available.

Garden In! is something we all need in our lives nowadays – relaxing and beautiful, with no worries or stress from the outside world.

We’re extremely happy to work with the publishing of Garden In because in the midst of the busy world we all need some time to relax in our gardens. Also what makes us happy is that thanks to our partner Double Jump Capital we’re able to maximise the production quality of the game with their investment in the game.

Tommaso Verde from Dramatic Iceberg

The release date of the game is yet to be announced. However, players can wishlist the game on Steam from now on.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming game Garden In!? Comment down below!

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