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Foxhole is finally getting an official release after staying in early access for a while

Logistics based war game adds train and factory building simulator

Foxhole, a massively online war game, will go live as version 1.0 on September 28th, according to developer Siegecamp. The Inferno update will add new trains, an overhauled logistics game, and an arsenal of new weapons. Buildable transportation systems, infrastructure, and industrial facilities will redefine how logistics support the thousands of players on the frontline.

Foxhole Inferno offers players to build a large-scale rail logistics network

Players will be able to create and construct large-scale rail networks using the railway system in Inferno, which enables the speedy transportation of essential supplies and equipment like tanks over significant distances. Effective usage of trains will have a significant impact on supply lines to the front because players will need to design and construct their own unique track layouts.

Numerous car types, such as locomotives, freight cars, infantry transport vehicles, armored combat vehicles, and long-range artillery, can be added to trains.

foxhole inferno logistics
Image via Siegecamp

Players will also be responsible for building and running industrial sites that can be transformed into factories for mass manufacturing or ports that provide daily services to hundreds of logistical players.
Power grids, oil pipelines, and mining must all be carefully managed if efficiency is to be maintained.
Buildable infrastructure, such as minecarts, cranes, ports, and concrete foundations, can enable operations to be expanded even further.

The players’ armory of new weaponry can be deployed thanks to these enhanced logistics systems.
Flame tanks, incendiary rockets, and infantry flamethrowers can all be used to torch structures and destroy opposing defenses. Rocket artillery, modern tank variants, and the fan-favorite Battle Tank class are now available for armored troops.

Key features of Foxhole 1.0

  • Massively Multiplayer Warfare: Thousands of players will connect to the same world and fight in wars that will last for weeks. It will include an immersive sandbox that includes hundreds of hand-crafted towns, villages, and other areas of interest.
  • Logistics: Foxhole 1.0 will be a comprehensive logistics game where every bullet, weapon, vehicle, and drop of fuel is produced and supplied by real players.
  • Trench Networks: Players will need to fortify the front line with trench lines and bunker networks. They can also build underground bases with ammunition storage, engine rooms, intelligence centers, and artillery emplacements.
  • Weather System: The game features a fully dynamic weather system that simulates snow and rain storms. Weather will have a significant impact on the battlefield, freezing over rivers, disabling equipment, and limiting artillery effectiveness.
  • No Man’s Land: Usage of devastating artillery bombardments will permanently level towns and transform landscapes into a no man’s land.
  • Tank Combat: Dozens of tank classes will be available in Foxhole 1.0 along with support crews like gunner, commander, and engineer roles. Tanks can be tracked, have their fuel tanks ruptured, or be disabled and feature an armor system with penetration and deflection mechanics.
  • Amphibious Warfare: Players can also launch cross-sea invasions to claim territory on distant shores. Amphibious vehicles including Gunboats, Cargo Ships, Barges, Landing Craft, and more will be available in the game to aid the players in doing the task.
foxhole infero tanks
Image via Siegecamp

Those eager to learn more about Foxhole’s 1.0 Inferno launch can catch up on the developer’s live stream over on the official YouTube channel, or join the community Discord to find like-minded soldiers. Foxhole is available now on Steam as an early access title for $29.99 / £23.79 and launches into 1.0 on September 28th.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Foxhole 1.0 update? Comment down below!

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