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EVERCORE Heroes: gameplay details, system requirements, release date, and more

Experience the fusion of MOBA and MMO games

A unique, competitive PvE game where players battle to prove they are the best squad of heroes in the world, EVERCORE Heroes, is the debut release from Vela Games. The game, which takes place in the fascinating, science-fiction setting of Lumerea, innovates by fusing real-time, skill-based MOBA teamplay and action with the excitement of cooperative MMO dungeon runs. Ex- Riot, EA, Epic, and Blizzard veterans who were instrumental in the development of some of the top multiplayer games in the market, such as League of Legends, The Sims, Fortnite, and others, produced the game.

Team up and fight in the PvE game mode in EVERCORE Heroes

Four teams of four players face off against one another in EVERCORE Heroes in a brand-new PVE session-based experience. Players must upgrade their heroes, charge their Evercore, and take down a hazardous boss in order to win. The top teams will collaborate to determine the ideal lineup and plan of attack, striking a balance between maximizing their own power and making life difficult for the opposing teams.

evercore heroes gameplay
Image via Vela Games

The game’s heroes come in all shapes and sizes, each with their own special abilities and attributes, and players can choose from a number of them to fight in everything from freezing forests and snowy peaks to deep jungles and beautiful, magical gardens. Today’s revelation of the first eight heroes includes:

  • Shade: Shade is a master assassin, a goal she’s worked toward her entire life. Shade jumps in and out of combat, slicing through enemies, dispatching targets, and making quick escapes.
  • Fyn: Ancient fables tell of a steadfast hero, a living wall who defended all in need. With his power-shield ready, Fyn charges forward, enrages enemies, and protects his teammates from danger.
  • Zari: Zari is the creator of Solar-Bow Archery. Having taught her signature combat art to legions of Hydris’ most adept warriors, Zari combines her abilities to do massive, ranged damage to single targets and small groups of enemies.
  • Beko: The mysterious Beko is secretly an ancient spirit of rejuvenation. In his lantern, he carries a spark of the Miraluum, the healing light used to protect his teammates with a variety of heal-over-time abilities.
  • Blink: Blink loves punching so much that she made it her career. In addition to punching, Blink specializes in crowd control with abilities that can pull and stun enemies.
  • Remy: The Bios Expeditionary Corps is used to extreme conditions, but only Remy has the speed, strength, and cool head under pressure to wield the bleeding edge of Bios’ medical magitech. The speedy Remy runs into the thick of the battle to save teammates with health packs and control abilities.
  • Lotus: Even though she is next in line for the throne, Lotus broke millennia of tradition by leaving the royal house of Everae to join the other Heroes in their quest to heal the world. The versatile Lotus uses both physical power and magic to keep her team healed within short range while engaging in combat
  • Cynder: You can find Cynder in Noktra’s legendary underground club, the Blue Ember (when he wants to be found). Cynder is all about shutting down large groups of enemies with high magic damage and AoE attacks.

EVERCORE Heroes: system requirements

The system requirements for playing EVERCORE Heroes is not revealed yet by the developers. Keep an eye on this page as we will update the system requirements as soon as it is announced.

EVERCORE Heroes: release date and playtest

The official release date of EVERCORE Heroes is yet to be announced by the developers. However, players have a chance to see for themselves this weekend, 13-16 October, by signing up through the EVERCORE Heroes website and Discord. Joining the game’s Discord will increase your chances to be selected for this weekend’s exclusive playtest.

What are your thoughts on the newly announced game EVERCORE Heroes? Comment down below!

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