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Dragon Sword (Project D): Gameplay details, release date, system requirements, and more

Play as anime-like characters and fight against enemies!

South Korean developers Hound 13 have released the trailers for their new Action Role-playing Game Dragon Sword (Project D). The game will be available on mobile and PC platforms. The trailer revealed the environment and gameplay of Dragon Sword, which looked similar to the famous title Genshin Impact. Hound 13 previously received a huge from Garena, and this game sure looks like Garena’s version to compete against Genshin Impact.

Dragon Sword will focus on action gameplay with anime characterization

Even though the trailer of Dragon Sword didn’t reveal many details about the gameplay or plot, the fans can still get an idea about the game’s environment and mechanics. The trailer reveals the environment and movement mechanism the players will experience while playing the game.

The trailer starts with cinematic shots of the green environment and some ruins around the map. The developers have revealed that they have created a semi-open world map for the game. As the trailer continues, a hero is seen mounting an animal and running, climbing, gliding and swimming with it.

dragon sword gameplay
Image via Hound 13

The action and fighting mechanism of the game can also be seen in the trailer. The gameplay looks similar to that of Genshin Impact. Several characters were seen fighting with their special weapons against the enemy units. The fighting mechanics and the weapons dynamic did look very exciting, but we will still have to wait till the final product to actually judge them.

Some boss-level enemies are also seen in the end part of the trailer. Several heroes teamed up to battle against the enemy, giving us insight into the abilities and weapons these heroes might have.

Dragon Sword is expected to be technologically and graphically advanced since it was developed with Unreal Engine 5. The developers have promised bright, light, yet immersive action from the game.

Dragon Sword: platform availability

Dragon Sword ARPG game will be available on mobile and PC.

Dragon Sword: system requirements

The developers have not yet specified the system requirements for Dragon Sword. Keep an eye on our page, as we will update this article with the latest information as soon as the developers give us any updates.

Dragon Sword: release date

The developers have not yet revealed the official release date for Dragon Sword. Keep an eye on this page as we will update the release date here as soon as the developers reveal it.

What do you think about the upcoming Dragon Sword game? Let us know in the comments section.

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