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Dragon Age: Absolution: Release date, plot, cast, where to watch, and more

BioWare and Netflix announces brand new series based on Dragon Age

In an announcement made on the 10th of November, 2022, Netflix announces that there will be a brand new web series based on BioWare’s popular title Dragon Age. The series will be called Dragon Age: Absolution and will be an animated series that will be released later this year. In this article, we’ll discuss all the details of Dragon Age: Absolution including the release date, plot, cast, where to watch, and more.

The popular video game series Dragon Age: Absolution is set in the fantasy land of Tevinter and is focused on the story of Miriam, the protagonist of the story. A mercenary elf, Miriam sets off with the goal of taking revenge against the man and country which destroyed her life and forced her into enslavement. She is portrayed as a kind of introverted character and is voiced by Kimberly Brooks.

The series will also include all the pivotal characters in the game as well, such as Fairbanks, Hira, Qwydion, Rezaren, Lacklen, Tassia, and Roland. Each character has a unique backstory which makes the story and the plot all the more interesting and immersive and not to say, extremely diverse.

Directed by Ki Yong Bae, the show will have brand new characters from the lore of Dragon Age such as Red Templars, Qunari, mages, demons, elves, and knights present in the land of Tevinter. The series Dragon Age: Absolution will be written by Mae Catt, Tim Sheridan, and Scott Mairghread. The series is being produced by Red Dog Culture House with Chris Bain, Matthew Goldman, and John Epler as executive producers.

Cast/voice actors

MiriamKimberly Brooks
LacklonKeston John
FairbanksMatthew Mercer
QwydionAshly Burch
RolandPhil LaMarr
Tassia Zehra Fazal
HiraSumalee Montano
RezarenJosh Keaton

What to expect

Fans of the game and people who are looking for a new show to watch in the winter could both opt to watch this upcoming series, although background knowledge will play a crucial part in it. The general storyline is set in the oldest surviving nation in the world of Thedas, Tevinter. In the said timeline, the disgraceful government has legalized the enslavement of elves resulting in widespread revolts, of which our characters are a part.

Fans can start watching the show expecting some solid storyline based off of the game franchise. It will feature a lot of spinoffs and never seen content revolving around the characters and their lives. Miriam and her peers will go on more than a few adventures and we cannot wait to be a part of them.

Dragon Age: Absolution release date and where to watch

Dragon Age, Dragon Age Absolution
Image via BioWare

The show will premiere on the 9th of December, 2022 on Friday on Netflix. The first batch of episodes will include six episodes, each of them half an hour long. There have been no announcements yet which give any inkling if there are going to be any further episodes or seasons. Thus, we can assume that the future of the series very much depends on the success of the initial six episodes.

Final thoughts

Ever since the game came out in the year 2009, players took to it with a lot of enthusiasm due to its engaging story, immersive characters, and the wonderful world of Thedas. This upcoming series will take us on a journey to further explore that world and the people in it and we surely hope that it will be a great experience for all the fans.

Are you familiar with the fan favourite Dragon Age games? Are you excited about the Dragon Age: Absolution series? Let us know in the comments below!

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