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Disney Dreamlight Valley Scar’s Kingdom update patch notes

New story expansion, Star Path are now live

The first update namely Scar’s Kingdom update is now live in Disney Dreamlight Valley. And if you are wondering, what are the new features and content that have arrived, please check this complete patch notes for Disney Dreamlight Valley Scar’s Kingdom update.

The iconic savannah of the Sunlit Plateau is confronted in ‘Scar’s Kingdom!’ The Pillar of Nurturing, which was once critical to keeping the Plateau vibrant and green, has dried up and is being blocked by mysterious and dark magic. To resurrect the Plateau, you’ll join forces with Scar, the would-be usurper of the Pride Lands who was imprisoned while The Forgetting ravaged Dreamlight Valley.

Villians Star Path

In addition to Scar’s Kingdom content, a new Star Path awaits you on the Events page – this time with a sinister twist! You’ll need to channel your dark side and befriend the Valley’s villains, or perhaps just skulk around with them.

disney dreamlight valley villians starpath, Disney Dreamlight Valley Scar's Kingdom update
Image via Gameloft

As you complete event tasks, you’ll be rewarded with tokens that you can use to purchase exclusive Halloween and Disney villain-themed items. It’s sometimes beneficial to be bad.

Halloween content

With Halloween approaching, you’ll notice new items in the Scrooge Shop as well as new craftable items on your workbench. More information regarding this will be closer to the Halloween date.

Disney dreamlight valley halloween update
Image via Gameloft

Community driven changes

With all of the new story, seasonal, and Star Path content included in Update 1 (Disney Dreamlight Valley Scar’s Kingdom update), the developer team has been listening to the passionate Community’s feedback during the Early Access period to shape the game’s future. Here are just a few of the changes and additions that will be included in Update 1.

  • The appearance of lightning has been changed
  • Plants watered by rain showers will remain watered afterward
  • More hair color options are added for character customization
  • Added a way for you to interact with animal companions
  • Donald Duck will be less clumsy, and less likely to trip and have a tantrum

Other improvements

  • Improved stability & performance on PlayStation 4
  • Improved stability & performance on Nintendo Switch
  • Optimized textures on PlayStation 4
  • Reduced the intensity of lightning storms flashes
  • Improved interior lighting
  • Mickey, Merlin & Goofy went shopping and redecorated their homes!
  • Improved Furniture Edit Mode controls for controllers
  • Optimized audio to reduce file sizes
  • Various performance optimizations across all platforms
  • Improved the performance of large gardens
  • Reduced the number of mushrooms required for Merlin’s quests
  • Wild crops (mushrooms, spices, etc.) will now respawn in a different place every morning. This means that crops spawning in inaccessible areas will not remain inaccessible and will respawn in a new location every day
  • Adjusted the placement of some floating islands in the sky
  • Campfires are now craftable
  • Improvements and optimizations to Sunlit Plateau trees
  • Reworded some quest objectives to make them more clear
  • Improved the navigation of water characters between bodies of water
  • Water characters are more likely to be drawn to the player when standing near a shore
  • Donald Duck has finally found his land-legs, reducing how long his tantrums last
  • Water characters will now be able to swim behind Skull Rock instead of having to go inland to get from one side of the beach to the other
  • Fixed a lag spike that occurred when it started raining
  • Rebalanced wood spawns in the different biomes to make it easier to get various types of wood
  • Inventory will now stay open while opening item and motif bags
  • Improved clarity for which Realms have been unlocked and which still need to be unlocked in the castle

Bug fixes

Anna (Frozen Realm)

  • Stone Soup is now recognized as cooked for players who are stuck on “The Spirits of Nature” quest


  • Elsa will now remain outside until you have the pickaxe upgrade to deal with the ice crystals
  • Fixed a blocker during the “Follow Elsa to explore the Ice Cavern” objective
  • Fixed an issue which prevented players picking up the Orange Crest in Elsa’s Cavern
  • Fish pie is now recognized as cooked for players who are stuck on the “What Home Feels Like” quest


  • Fixed an issue which prevented players from fishing near the raft on Skull Rock
  • Maui will no longer get stuck after breaking the sea debris in the “A Tale of Stone and Fire” quest


  • Mickey has an extra cracker recipe in his house waiting to be picked up for players stuck during the “Foodception” quest
  • Mickey will now wait for the player in his house during his initial gardening quest


  • Minnie has an extra flowerpot in her house waiting to be picked up for players stuck during the “Language of Flowers” quest
  • The clock tower will now be recognized by Minnie without having to create another


  • Improved the zone within which ‘The Honored Place’ registers in “The Ceremony” quest

Mother Gothel

  • Fixed instances of the key being inaccessible in the Glade of Trust
  • The dawn fragment is now recognized as cooked for players who are stuck on the “Restoring the Sunstone” quest


  • Catfish can be found near the docks on Dazzle Beach for players who are stuck on the “What’s Bad for Business” quest


  • Fixed an issue which prevented players picking up the lightbulb in WALL·E’s house


  • Fixed instances of characters not being able to talk to one another during “listen” objectives

Thats everything we have in the Disney Dreamlight Valley Scar’s Kingdom update patch notes

What are your thoughts on this first major content update of Disney Dreamlight Valley? Let us know in the comments below.

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