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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The complete Map Guide and Tips

Every detail about all the locations

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an adventure sim game by Gameloft which features iconic Disney and Pixar characters. In this article, we will provide the list of all the locations in the Map of Disney Dreamlight Valley that the players can unlock and access, including the characters that can be unlocked in each of those locations. All the basic items in each location are also listed accordingly.

Introducing the maps in Disney Dreamlight Valley


The players will be spawned and begin their adventure from Plaza. Over here the players will be able to find Mickey Mouse’s house and also a store which is owned by Scrooge McDuck. There will also be a closed Chez Remy which the players will be able to use or fix. Since the Plaza is a location that is basically the spawn or at the center of the map, it’s a great place to build a farm or to keep the players home.

disney dreamlight valley plaza
Image via Gameloft

Characters such as Mickey Mouse, Merlin, Minnie Mouse, and Scrooge McDuck can be found. Fruit such as apples can be found in apple trees, there are also berry bushes like Raspberry bush, and also spices or vegetables such as oregano can be found. Items such as Garnet and Topaz are also found in this location.

The Castle

The castle is an interesting and huge building that needs to be unlocked with 2000 Dreamlight. The castle is interesting as it lets the players transport to different realms which are shown in different Disney movies or shows. It also lets the players bring various new characters to the Dreamlight Valley.

disney dreamlight valley the castle
Image via Gameloft

Peaceful Meadow

This area can be unlocked once the players collect certain tools when the game begins. This area however needs 0 Dreamlight to get unlocked, it also is kind of a spot from where the players can lead to a few different other zones. Players will find Goofy’s home in this location and also this will be a place where the players can start fishing for the first time. This place also contains a destroyed and ruined building which can be turned into a garden and watched by WALL-E after the players visit his realm and complete his missions.

Fruits such as bananas and bushes such as Raspberry bushes can be found in this place. Spices or vegetables such as basils can be found and there will be many crops for sale such as carrots, lettuce, and wheat. Other items such as Peridot and Garnet can be found too.

Dazzle Beach

Dazzle Beach is a beach location that can be unlocked with 1000 Dreamlight, characters such as Ursula and Ariel can be found here. Ursula’s home is situated in this place. It has a massive water body which is essential for Maui’s home to be which cannot be on land. Players will also be able to find a ruined houseboat that belongs to Donald Duck and can be found near the shoreline.

This place also consists of a magical cave which is a place for a very challenging quest known as “With Great Power”. An old boat on this beach can be repaired with the help of Moana some of the players ‘ financial investment, which will automatically collect fish for free without anything once it is repaired.

Items such as Sand, pebbles, clams, sea stones, scallops, oysters, peridot, and Aquamarine can be found in this location. Also, there are a few crops for sales like Tomato, sugarcane, and corn. There are also fruits and berry bushes such as Banana trees and Blueberry bush can be found

Glade of Trust

This location costs 5000 Dreamlight to get unlocked, it’s a little scary location. Characters such as Mother Gothel can be found here. There are a lot of Giant Mushrooms which cannot be removed unless and until the players complete a chain of quests with Merlin.

disney dreamlight valley glade of trust
Image via Gameloft

Items such as Iron Ore, Clay, Hardwood, Citrine, Emerald, and large mushrooms can be found here. Also, there are fruits such as Lemon and Cocoa trees, vegetables and spices like mushrooms can be found. Crops like Okra, spinach, and rice are also for sale.

Forest Of Valor

This location costs 3000 Dreamlight to get unlocked. This is also the location of Kristoff and Anna’s home. Unlocking this location gives you access to both amazing characters such as Donald Duck and Kristoff instantly. There’s also an area at this location where the players will be able to mine iron which is very essential to progress in the game. 

This location also consists of a magical ice cave which is the point of Elsa and Anna’s Quests. Some areas are closed or blocked by items filled with mushrooms which the players will have to destroy by completing a quest with Anna and by gaining the ability to do so.

Fruits such as Lemon can be found in lemon trees, berry bushes like blueberry bush, spices and vegetables like Garlic can be found too. There are also crops for sale such as Bell Pepper, Onion and canola, also items like Iron Ore, Hardwood, Aquamarine, pebbles and Emeralds can be found here.

Sunlit plateau

This location needs 7000 Dreamlight to get unlocked, this location is based on The Lion King. Though there’s no character from that movie, players can access Dry Wood, Gold nuggets and new crops. Some parts of the plateau are blocked by huge bones which cannot be destroyed but maybe a character gets introduced which can be Scar who will help the players destroy them.

Fruits such as Cherry can be found from cherry trees and also cocoa from Cocoa trees. Spices and vegetables such as vanilla can also be found. There are also some crops for sale such as Chili peppers, cotton, zucchini, and soya.

Frosted Heights

Frosted Heights takes 10,000 Dreamlight to unlock and is a very cold location where the players will be able to find a lot of snow. It’s covered in snow and players can find a few items here and there in this location. Cherry trees can be found here, and Vegetables and spices such as Mint can be found too. There are a few crops on sale in this location such as Asparagus, Cucumber, and Eggplant. Also, players can find items like Tourmaline, Drywood, Iron ore, Amethyst, Gold nuggets, Hardwood and snowball.

disney dreamlight valley frosted heights
Image via Gameloft

Forgotten Lands

This location can be unlocked with 15,000 Dreamlight, with a sunlit plateau unlocked. This is the last zone players can visit in Dreamlight Valley, which is available as of now in the launched version. There are no characters who are available in the zone yet but it is based on cinderella. Fruits like apples and spices or vegetables like ginger can be found here. There are crops for sale such as leeks, pumpkins, and potatoes. Also, there are a few items available which are Darkwood, Diamond, Iron ore, Amethyst, pebble, Gold Nuggets, Clay, and crystals.

Castle Realms

Realms are different dimensions that players can visit through castle doors. Each one of them costs 3000 Dreamlight to get unlocked. Each door is going to take the players to different characters and new items.

Moana’s Realm

Both Moana and Maui’s homes can be found in this realm. This realm has coconuts which can only be obtained after completing a quest for Maui in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Fruits such as Bananas and coconuts can be found here.

disney dreamlight valley moana's realm
Image via Gameloft

Ratatouille’s Realm

The Ratatouille Realm will provide the players with strong items. This realm will give the players access to Chez Remy which will let the players serve meals to the villagers and boost the friendship between them. This realm also offers free ingredients and cooking only when the players are in the realm which can be done in Remy’s kitchen in Paris. Players may take as many ingredients and cook them without even thinking about any cost or quantity.

WALL-E’s Realm

 WALL-E realm is a very small realm, players will be able to access Wall-E through this realm. Wall-E and the players will be able to repair the garden which is present in the peaceful meadow which is going to give the player free crops. In this realm, players will be able to find various junks.

Frozen Realm

This is the only realm that costs 4000 Dreamlight to unlock. This realm gives the player access to both characters such as Elsa and Anna. Players must complete a quest for Anna before the player will be able to move Elsa to the map of Dreamlight Valley.

What are your thoughts on our guide on all the locations of Disney Dreamlight Valley? Comment down below!

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