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Diablo IV alpha test gameplay footage reportedly leaked

The leak showed footage of combat and quest of the game

Forty-three minutes of alpha test gameplay footage of Diablo IV developed by Blizzard Entertainment has been leaked, reported by a user named iV1rus0 on Reddit. However, it is still unknown how and who leaked the actual game footage. 

Diablo IV is the sequel of the famous RPG game series by Blizzard Entertainment which was previously announced in 2019 at the BlizzCon. However, the developers have not revealed or updated much about the game since the announcement was made four years ago. Diablo IV will be set a few years after the events of Diablo III, with Lilith, a villain, being introduced for the next Diablo title.

The leak revealed footage of combat and quests of the upcoming Diablo game

The leak showed footage of the unfinished gameplay from Diablo IV. It is pretty certain that the developers are not done with the game yet and might take some time to finish it, as the gameplay shown in the footage was unfinished and unpolished.

diablo 4 gameplay
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However, fans can still get a good idea about the combat in the game and some quests, as shown in the leaked gameplay footage. In addition, the vast world of Diablo was established in the footage, and the mini-map also gives the idea of the world in the game.

The gameplay footage was leaked from the game’s alpha test version, as the leak covered the whole gameplay with a watermark of ‘Private Test Build’ along with an ID. However, the video was not recorded by the one playing the game; instead, it was from a viewer’s POV.

It looked like someone from Blizzard was streaming the game on a discord channel when someone recorded it and leaked it online. Multiple conversations between the people watching the discord stream can be heard in the background from the leaked footage of the game.

diablo 4 map
Image via ‘Unspecified User’ on

However, it is still unclear who exactly leaked the gameplay, but it has been said that the footages were from the ‘friends and family alpha test’ of Diablo IV, so we can say that the leaker is someone from Blizzard Entertainment who had access to the game’s alpha test. Blizzard can easily track who leaked the gameplay from the ID shown in the footage’s watermark. Blizzard Entertainment will probably take down the footage, just like the leaks that emerged online last month.

Diablo IV: Release date, price, platforms and more

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that Diablo IV will be released in 2023. The game will have a crossplay feature and be available to play on PC, Play Station 5, Xbox Series X and last-gen consoles like PS4 or Xbox One. Diablo IV will be a premium title from Blizzard Entertainment, but the game’s price is still unannounced by the developers.

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