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Destiny’s Sword starts early access on October 17, 2022

Time to become a leader

Destiny’s Sword is a sci-fi adventure with RPG progression and rich narrative gameplay, developed by 2Dogs for PC. Players will be instructed to lead their group of peacekeeping troops in handling several riots as humanely as they can, with no civilian casualties. When the action starts, everything twists and turns, and players have to choose between shooting or negotiating their way back to safety.

Become a leader and lead your troops in Destiny’s Sword

Players take the role of the leader of a group of expert troops in Destiny’s Sword. Every recruit has a unique background and set of motivations for joining the organization. Their performance will be influenced by the experiences they have while serving under the player’s direction. Players will delve into the depths of the human condition as they learn to know their squad both on and off the field of battle.

destinys sword gameplay
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The game takes place in a world called Cypris where a strong corporate organization known as the Consortium is posing a challenge to the Galactic Government’s ability to maintain control. Although neither side is ready for open combat, the two sides find common ground when disturbance on a far-off planet threatens the supply of Lucidium, the mineral that powers the galaxy.

Players must pick a group and declare their allegiance to Cypris. They will take control of a squadron of soldiers and must negotiate the implications of their choices on their soldiers’ physical and mental health as they advance into war.

As players discover that the situation is more complicated than it initially appears, what initially seems to be a straightforward battle between good and evil takes unexpected turns. Players will come to understand the reality of what is happening on Cypris and who is actually in charge through discovery, betrayal, advancement, and friendship with their team, pushing everyone to dance to a beat that will overthrow the existing powers and establish a new one.

Experience the distinct life story of every character

Destiny’s Sword has an unmatched level of character complexity and an unlimited variety of personalities because of the living universe the Insight Engine character AI technology has built. The Insight Engine, which was developed with input from actual war veterans, is based on comprehensive psychological modeling and allows us to emphasize the long-term effects of conflict.

Every character has a distinct life story, personality, and emotional state that are governed and dynamically formed by their interactions and experiences, including players’ choices and actions as their commander. For instance, a character may want extra assurance and assistance if they have experienced trauma in the past. Players will need to assist them in regaining their confidence before sending them back on more challenging assignments.

Destiny’s Sword release date

On October 17, 2022, Destiny’s Sword will be available in Early Access on Steam. Although the game’s features are all complete, it will have new chapters and content when it is officially released in the spring of 2023.

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