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Clash Royale October 2022 update: New Champion, Legendary card, Ranked mode, and more

Huge update incoming

After hinting a few times, Clash Royale October 2022 update is probably the biggest till date after the Clan Wars update. The clan wars update was never that impactful, it seems this new CR October 2022 update is going to impact the game massively with its newly introduced Champion, Legendary card, Path of Legends ranked mode, King Level revamp, and many more.

Clash Royale October 2022 update features

1. New Champion card – Monk

The new Champion card, Monk is being introduced to Clash Royale from Clash Mini, an autochess game based on the Clash universe. Monk comes with a deadly 3-hit combo where the last hit pushes the enemy back.

Special ability: Monk uses Pensive Protection to channel his meditative powers, generating a defensive aura around himself and nearby allies, lowering damage taken, and reflecting any projectile that hits him.

Clash royale monk, clash royale, Clash royale october 2022 update
Image via Supercell

2. New Legendary card – Phoenix

Phoenix is just added to Clash of Clans as a pet with its October 2022 update, and now the same is being added as a Legendary card. Phoenix is melee troop that hits both air and ground and comes with a special rebirth ability. Once killed, Phonix will give death damage to the area as well as create an egg on the same place. And after a few seconds, it will take rebirth with full health. This rebirth process works only once per deployment.

3. New Ranked mode – Path Of Legends

The Path of Legends replaces Trophy Road’s previous League system and consists of ten Leagues, with the Hall of Fame in the final League containing the world’s best players.

When you reach Arena 15 at 5000 Trophies, the new Path of Legends will be unlocked by trying to tap the icon next to the Battle button on the homescreen.

Each League has a level cap, which means that your Cards or Tower Power cannot exceed a certain level set by the League. After successfully completing a battle in the Path of Legends, you will advance to the next league. There are two types of steps, Stone Steps and Golden Steps.

Clash royale, Clash royale wallpaper
Image via Supercell

After a loss, the stone steps will break, sending you back down the Path. Steps made of gold do not break! You will not end up losing progress once you have reached a golden step, even if you lose a battle. Strive for the gold steps! When you reach a new League, you cannot return to previous Leagues by losing.

4. Changes in Ranked season reset

Unlike the previous times, with the introduction of October 2022 update in Clash Royale, there will be a brand new system that will determine the place where you’ll land up after the ranked season reset.

You will receive a Win Multiplier based on your season finish to help you move back to where you were before the reset. After each Battle you win, the Win Multiplier decreases.

LeagueGolden StepLevel capWin Multiplier
Challenger IAlways111
Challenger II1 in 3112
Challenger III1 in 4112
Master I1 in 5123
Master II1 in 6124
Master III1 in 7134
Grand ChampionNone145
Royal ChampionNone146
Ultimate ChampionNone146

You earn rewards as you progress along the Path of Legends. Some will be one-time rewards (shown on the left side of the Path), while others (shown on the right side of the Path) will be refreshed after each season reset.

5. Trophy Road revamp

The Trophy Road has been reset to 7500 Trophies and will no longer reset at the start of a Season. Earn Trophies, attend new Arenas, and gather one-time rewards along the way. You will no longer be able to win (or lose) Trophies once you reach the end of Trophy Road. But you can still play it and earn Chests and Victory Gold without fear of losing anything!

However, the Trophy Road will now have level gates. That means unless you hit a certain level you won’t be able to unlock the rewards and the trophy road. At the same time, once you go up, you will not go down, securing your trophies.

Another major update in the Trophy Road is the addition of Champions. Now you can unlock Champions as you move up on the ladder, starting from 5500.

ArenaChampionsKing Levels
16Golden Knight, Skeleton King33
17Archer Queen, Mighty Miner36

6. King Level rework

The levels for King are getting a massive change with the Clash Royale October 2022 update. There will be no more 1 to 14 now. It will range from 1 to level 50. You can check the table below to understand what you’ll be your new level for King towers.

Old King LevelNew King Level

These new levels will help in determining better matchmaking as well as give the players some nice rewards as level-up bonuses.

7. Deck Explorer

The Deck Explorer is a new option that will assist you in finding new decks! The Deck Explorer button is located below your Battle Deck, next to the Mastery button.

clash royale deck explorer, Clash royale october 2022 update
Image via Supercell

The Deck Explorer will provide you with results based on what is popular and proven to work in your current Arena, but it will also consider your Card Levels to create truly personalised decks. The Deck Explorer will present you with several decks to choose from, and if you don’t like any of them, you can narrow your search by including or excluding more cards!

8. Daily Tasks

Clash Royale is finally getting a feature that is very common on any live-service games. Every day, there are three tasks to complete, and each task can be completed concurrently. When all Daily Tasks are completed, you will be awarded the Daily Bonus! Unclaimed rewards will remain when a new day begins, and new Daily Tasks will be accessible once the previous rewards have been claimed.

If you collect every Daily Bonus in a week, you will unlock a Weekly Bonus with some nice rewards! Please find the complete list of rewards that you can unlock with the completion of Daily Tasks.

Daily Task 13 Crowns
Daily Task 220 Banner Toekns
Daily Task 310 XP
Daily Completion Bonus20 XP, Silver Chest
Weekly Completion Bonus50 XP, 5 Crowns, 30 Banner Tokens, 1 Gold Chest

9. Hoggy Bank

The Hoggy Bank is a new premium function that is being added to Clash Royale with the October 2022 update. This Hoggy bank will occasionally appear on the main screen and will keep either Gems or Gold.

When you receive Gold while the Golden Hoggy Bank is active, you will obtain extra Gold (the exact amount varies) to store in the Hoggy Bank. During the Hoggy Bank’s active period, you will be able to smash it (for a fee) and collect the goodies inside!

10. Other misc changes and bug fixes

  • Card Mastery tier 3 is being added
  • Champion Wild Card and Champion Chest is being added
  • No more ‘Drag Glitch’ (Fixed an issue where placing two cards in quick succession would fail to play one of the cards)
  • Removed ‘Gold Discount’ briefly image appearing after applying a Wild Card
  • Fixed an issue where unlocking Mini P.E.K.K.A caused all card previews to be stuck with a loading spinner
  • Fixed an issue where Royal Recruits could be placed on the opposing player’s side
  • Fixed an android-specific issue where a Gem animation would not appear after a Shop purchase
  • Fixed an android specific issue where the keyboard would load twice
  • Fixed an android specific issue where emojis were displaying incorrectly
  • Added missing particles FX to Goblin Drill’s Star Level 1
  • Fixed an issue where Golden Knight dashed to an empty space with no target
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on the Battle Banner edit screen
  • Fixed an issue where the new event text for Crown/Gold Rush could block the ability to access the Supercell ID quick-switch button
  • Fixed an issue where mystery numbers would appear on the opponent’s Decks during the Ban phase in Ban Pick Duels.
  • Fixed an issue where the Banner Token ‘Collect’ button incorrectly directed players to the Shop when their Banner Token inventory was full
  • Fixed an issue where Sparky was not reset when hit by Electro Spirit at the same time she was being hooked by Fisherman
  • Fixed an issue where trying to place a Champion into an invalid slot in your Deck canceled the placement, forcing a player to re-select the Champion

Clash Royale October 2022 update release date

As per the official announcement, CR October 2022 update is expected to arrive on October 26, 2022.

What are your thoughts on the Clash Royale October 2022 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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