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Clash Royale reveals a new Champion and a Legendary card on October 2022 TV Royale

5th Champion on its way

The next TV Royale is approaching and Clash Royale is back with sneak peeks. Recently Clash Royale teased a huge update that shows a new Champion as well as a new legendary card. What they are or their details are yet to be revealed until the TV Royale episode.

Although not much information is available on this new Champion card and Legendary card, there is a teaser for Champion that shows it sends back the goblin barrel when it was thrown on it. The whole scene was covered with fog to protect the anonymity.

Until now there are only 4 Champions and this one is going to be 5th one. However, we have plenty of Legendary cards in the game already. All we hope is that these new cards won’t shake the current Clash Royale meta.

What are your thoughts on this new champion and legendary card in Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below.

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