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Chainsaw Man anime: List of episodes, release date, cast, and more

Everything about Chainsaw man

Chainsaw man is an action, comedy horror, and dark fantasy genre anime title, written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto. First serialized by Weekly Shonen Jump by Shueisha, the Public Safety Arc, the manga gained significant interest among manga readers. As a result, the second arc was also announced which will feature more exciting content for Chainsaw man fans. With such big popularity, MAPPA announced the production of an anime adaptation of the series on the 14th of December, 2020. In today’s article, we will cover everything to get you in the loop about Chainsaw man anime.

The story sets around Denji in a world where devils are born from human fears. Their power is depended on how much humans fear them. Contrary, humans can make contracts with humans and in exchange for what they put in for the sake of sacrifice during the contract, they will be able to yield the power of the devil.

chainsaw man opening video
Image via MAPPA

The events take place in 1997 when the Soviet Union existed and Holocaust has been erased from history. Nuclear weapons have ceased to exist because of them being consumed by nuclear weapon devils. No wars also happen since World War because of the War devil.

Chainsaw man all episode details

Episode title SynopsisRelease date
Dog and ChainsawA 16-year-old boy, Denji is burdened with the debts left by his father. To repay the debts, he works as a devil hunter with Pochita, a dog resembling Chainsaw devil. After finishing a job with the yakuza boss, his boss tries to kill Denji by making allies with the Zombie devil. After some blood Denji seeps into the mouth of Pochita, he makes a deal to become the Chainsawman devil. After confronting the Zombie devils as chainsaw devils, he was found by a group of Public Safety Devil Hunters, where their leader, Makima hugs him and offers him two options, to either get killed by his team or join him to be his human pet.October 12, 2022
Arrival in TokyoAfter having breakfast in a resting place, Denji and Makima head to Tokyo where Denji is introduced to Aki Hayakawa whom he will be working. After an eventful patrolling season, they were introduced by Power, who is a fiend, which surprised Denji. As both of them comes for a patrol, Power ends up unexpectedly killing a Sea cucumber devil.October 19, 2022
Meowy’s WhereaboutsThe killing of the Sea Cucumber devil has attracted the public’s attention. After being warned by Makima to not fail again, they go off. Denji flirts with Power and comes to know about the cat of Power. After a while, he agreed to go with her to save the cat, but later realizes he was set up. The at devil didn’t release the cat and ends up swallowing Power and Denji. Denji saves both by killing the devil.October 26, 2022
RescueDenji defeats the bat devil, leaving Power stunned. As the fight ends, the leech devil arrives, tearing Denji’s hand. Aki manages to fix Denji by blood transfusion. Later that night, Power keeps her promise, allowing Denji to fondle her breasts.November 2, 2022
Chainsaw anime details
Image via MAPPA

Chainsaw man: cast details

Character nameJapanese castEnglish cast
DenjiKikunosuke ToyaRyan Colt Levy
Denji (Childhood)Marina Inoue
MakimaTomori KusunokiSuzie Yeung
Aki HayakawaShougo SakataSarah Wiedebheft
PowerFairouz AiRegan Murdock
HimenoMariya Ise
Kobeni HigashiyamaKarin Takahashi
Hirokazu AraiTaku Yashiro
KishibeKenjirou Tsuda
AngeldevilMaaya Uchida
BeamNatsuki hanae
GalgaliYuuya Uchida
PrinciSaori Gotou
Akane SawatariYou Taichi
Katana ManDaiki Hamano
Tenshi no AkumaMaaya Uchida
Bouryoku no majinYuuya Uchida
BeamNatsuki Hanae
Samurai SwordDaiki Hamano
PochitaShiori Izawa
Zombie no akumaHinata Tadokoro
YakuzaKousei Hirota
KobunTakahashi Uezumiya
Buka AMitsutoshi Shundou
Buka BTakuya Nakashima
Zombie-tachiHiroki Matsukawa
Zombie-tachiKenichi Mine
Zombie-tachiYuuki Sanpei
Zombie-tachiTakahiro Hirai

Chainsaw man: complete production crew

Tatsuki FujimotoOriginal creator
Ryuu NakayamaDirector, storyboard, episode director, key animation
Tatsuya YoshiharaAction Director
Kazautaka SugiyamaCharacter design, chief animation director
Youhei MiyaharaLayout design, editing
Aya YamamotoCostume design
Yuusuke TakedaArt director
Naomi NakanoColor design
Teppei ItouDirector of Photography
Masato YoshitakeEditing
Hajime OkunouCG director
Kazumasa YokokawaCG Director
Kisuke KoizumiSound Director
Kensuke UshioMusic
Keisuke SeshimoAnimation producer
Hirosshi SekoScript (Episode 1)
Masato NakazonoChief Episode Director
Kenta KabeTitle logo design
Maximum the HormoneTheme song performance
AimerTheme song performance
Tooru KitajimaTheme song performance
Kenshi YonezuTheme song performance
EveTheme song performance
Ziyoou-vachiTheme song performance
ZUTOMAYOTheme song performance
People 1Theme song performance
TooboeTheme song performance
SyudouTheme song performance
VaundyTheme song performance
AnoTheme song performance
KanariaTheme song performance
Sayaka KoisiAnimation director
Takako ShimizuAnimation director
Katano AkaiAnimation director
Tatsuya YoshiharaKey animation
Hironori TanakaKey animation
Shun EnokidoKey animation
Takahito SakazumeKey animation
Keiichrou WatanabeKey animation
Kouki FujimotoKey animation
GemKey animation
Kewei LinKey animation
Maki Hayahibara2nd key animation
Naomi Yasuda2nd key animation
Rina YagyuuIn-between check
Keiko WatanabeIn-between animation
Keiko abuIn-between animation
Hiromi MasukoIn-between animation
Aoi YamadaIn-between animation
Naomi NakanoColor Coordination

And that’s all the details you need to know about the Chainsaw man anime. We hope that this article would be useful to you in enjoying the title more.

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