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Century: Age of Ashes is now available on PlayStation consoles globally

The dragon battle games are coming to PlayStation

Playwing recently announced that its free-to-play game Century: Age of Ashes is now available on PlayStation 4 & 5 consoles along with all Season 1 – ‘A Shadow Over Skeld’ content. Now available for the PlayStation, fierce dragon battles where the line between success and failure is drawn with fire allow players to soar through the air and defeat their adversaries.

New available classes and maps in Century: Age of Ashes

The Stormraiser, a tank class, joins the existing dragon tamers Skeldian Windguard, a support class, Naerdor Phantom, a rogue-like class, and Svard Marauder, a hunter class, in Season 1. Stormraisers have the capacity to unleash devastating thunder on their enemies. They are modeled by the burly Viking, an old soldier formed by the very freezing wilds they want to protect. The attack patterns are as follows:

  • Chain Lightning (Power)
  • Blinding Wave (Ability)
  • Forstbolt (Ability)
  • Lightning Storm (Rage)
  • Valkürian Protection (Passive)
century age of ashes gameplay
Image via Playwing

In order to stand out in the air, Stormraisers also ride Stonesnouts, a dragon that is well suited to the harsh circumstances of the Valkürian Range. Numerous additional customizations that can be obtained through the DragonPass and other in-game features are also added by this new dragon species and the Stormraiser.

The Valkürian Sanctuary is an outpost the Stormraisers employ as their strategic base camps in order to successfully defend their land. It has a magnificent distinctive dark fantasy design and layout. Players are presented with a spectacular exhibition of many buildings and strongholds that were originally constructed by the Skeldian & Jaarlandtir Military in the steep passes.

As players fight their way to victory with boost air flows, hazy hiding spaces, and more, soar over the imposing castle or swoop down through the mines below. In Century’s first-ever PvE event, the map itself will transform with lore-driven development as the Season develops and reaches its climax, providing players with a visually stunning spectacle they won’t want to miss.

Dragon Pass contents in Century: Age of Ashes

Season 1 also sees the inclusion of Dragon Pass, which offers players an abundance of goodies, as follows:

  • Free Dragon Pass Tiers / Premium Dragon Pass Tiers ($10 USD)
  • 70+ Exclusive Rewards, including 18 dragons, 3 complete Rider Outfits (head, torso, cape, etc), 10+ weapon customisations & 20+ consumables (hard/soft currency, XP boosts)
  • New leveling system. Complete missions to earn Levels & Stars, levels unlock reward tiers in the Dragon Pass, spend Stars to buy rewards in-game, and earn hard/soft currency after reaching level 100.
  • Lore Books will unlock as the Season unfolds.

What do you think about the release of Century: Age of Ashes on PlayStation consoles? Comment down below!

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