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Catan Console Edition: Release date, gameplay details, pricing, and more

Catan is back with new openings for new players!

Catan, the popular card game co-developed by the two companies Endava and Exozet Berlin GmbH is now all set to make an appearance on consoles following an announcement on the official website earlier last week. The game is already available on all platforms (Nintendo, PC, and Mobile) except for the Xbox and the Playstation. Here we will take a brief look at Catan Console Edition and how it works, its specifications, and what its pricing is going to be like.

Catan Console Edition will provide the original flavors

The console version of Catan will hold on to the aspects of the original version of Catan and will feature up to four players in the multiplayer mode as revealed on the official website. It has also been highlighted that no two Catan games will be the same, with the layout and algorithm set to change every match to give the players a fresh experience every time they play the game and to keep it from becoming boring. Catan involves trading with enemies, building settlements, and acquiring new resources all in the form of a dynamic card game.

The game is dynamic in the sense that, unlike a traditional board game which consists of flat and stationary tiles, Catan will feature fully interactive tiles complete with their own landscape, NPCs, and cattle on them.

Catan, Catan Universe, Catan console edition
Image via Catan

All elements in a given game of Catan can be edited and customized by the player according to their needs. The customizable elements include board arrangements, rule sheets, etc.

System requirements

The game is set for launch on both Playstation and Xbox. The versions include PS4 and PS5 for Playstation and Xbox One and Xbox Series.

Although it should be noted that the PS5 has extra features in the form of 60 FPS, 4K graphics, and haptic feedback. Xbox Series will also feature 60 FPS and 4K graphics but not the haptic feedback.

Pricing and pre-order details

Catan, Catan Universe, Catan console edition
Image via Catan

Sadly, no details have been disclosed as of yet regarding the pricing of the game by the official website of the game or any other official outlet.

The game although not available for pre-order, is available as a wishlist item for Playstation on the official website of the game with the same for Xbox stated to be coming soon.

Catan Console Edition release date

The game is set to be released in 2023. No exact date and month have been disclosed yet, if done so, we will update here about the very same.

As a popular title, it is no doubt that many players will be eagerly waiting for the console version of Catan to launch as soon as possible. The only thing that remains to be seen is if the game developers manage to maintain the integrity of the game the same way as they did with the other versions of the game for the mobile, PC, and Nintendo platforms.

Are you excited about the Catan Console Edition? Let us know in the comments below!

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