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CarX Street guide: How to earn silver and gold faster

Earn silver faster to buy new exciting cars

Silver is an essential resource in the realistic open-world-street racing game CarX Street. Silver or gold is vital to unlock new cars or tune the player’s existing cars to upgrade their performance. Other than these, every action in Sunset City is done with silver, including refilling gas, fast traveling to any point, or completing the paint job of the cars. However, there is no shortcut to earning silvers in CarX Street. In this article, we will show you the ways to earn silver and gold faster on CarX Street. If you are still new to this game, make sure to check our beginner’s guide and car guide for CarX Street.

How to earn Silver and Gold faster in CarX Street

1. Complete single races

There are several single races on the map on CarX Street; the players must drive to the race points and participate in the races. Rewards are provided according to the player’s performance and ranking in the race’s leaderboard. The higher the player ranks through his race stats, the more silver he will earn from that race.

carx street single race
Image via CarX Technologies LLC

There are two types of a single race in CarX Street:

  1. Single sprint: Single sprints are time trial races around the city, which means the players will have to complete the race in the quickest possible time. The players with the best time to complete the race will be ranked higher and get more rewards.
  2. Single drift: The players will have to score the maximum number of drift points in single drift races. Bigger drift angles and drifting time will ensure higher points for the players. The players will higher drifting points will be ranked higher and get more rewards.

2. Complete club races

There are five different clubs formed with elite racers of Sunset City: Wild Juniors, Kanjo Spirit, Union Underground, Drift United, and Pythons. These clubs offer different races against other racers, through which the players can earn money. Each of these clubs specializes in one or two types of races, from Sprint, Drift, or Circuit races. 

carx street club race
Image via CarX Technologies LLC

The players must meet the class and rating to join these clubs. They will have to complete the races in different parts of the city before racing the club’s leader and gaining access to the elite races. Players can earn silvers, gold, and XP by completing all the club races.

3. Drive around in Sunset City

Driving around Sunset City is probably the easiest way to earn silver on CarX Street. The players can simply explore the city’s streets and make silver through them. However, the silver earned through driving is very low, but it’s still easy money, right?

carx street feature
Image via CarX Technologies LLC

Accelerating and performing more giant drifts or skill moves will reward the players with extra silvers while driving through the Sunset City streets.

4. Buy from the store

Players can purchase silver or gold from the in-game store using real-life currency and use them in the game to unlock new cars or upgrade their current cars. It is essential to select which cars to buy first according to the player’s preferred racing style, as each car is suitable for different types of races.

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