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CarX Street guide: Complete list of available cars

Choose from the exciting collection of cars

CarX Street is an open-world street car racing game developed by CarX Technologies, LLC. The game’s mobile version has been released on iOS and Android, and the PC version is expected to be released on 15 December 2022. The players can explore the map, participate in races and increase their collection of cars. There are 40 cars available in CarX Street for the players to choose from; they will have to gather enough Silver to unlock or upgrade these cars.

CarX Street is an NFS-alike open-world racing game set in Sunset City. The players will have to race against other players in the night street of the city to earn rewards. With these rewards, the players can unlock new cars or tune their existing cars to upgrade their performance. If you are starting new, make sure to read CarX Street beginners guide.

carx street cars
Image via CarX Technologies, LLC

Complete list of cars on CarX Street

CarX Technologies have added a wide range of car to the game for the players to get the best racing experience on mobile. Though, the developers are supposed to add more and more cars to the game in future updates. Here are all the CarX Street cars available in the game at this moment and their cost:

Class 1

Class 1 cars are the lower-tier cars on CarX Street. These cars are rated from 95 to 142, and their weight-to-power ratio ranges from 100 to 144 (kg/hp).

  • HC6 ($12,500)
  • DTS ($15,700)
  • NX5 ($14,500)
  • NX5C ($21,800)
  • E86 ($28,400)
  • ECL ($38,000)
  • 2MR ($45,000)
  • M36 ($49,000)
  • 30Z ($52,000)
  • S18 ($56,500)
  • S18 (1.99 USD)
  • M36 (2.99 USD)
carx street m36
Image via CarX Technologies LLC

Class 2

Class 2 cars are the higher-tier cars on CarX Street. These cars are rated from 136 to 230, and their weight-to-power ratio ranges from 159 to 220 (kg/hp).

  • V7G ($39,000)
  • G86 ($54,000)
  • 32R ($88,000)
  • FST ($55,000)
  • WRS ($89,500)
  • CHR ($112,000)
  • S15 ($79,000)
  • HCR ($72,000)
  • SFR ($80,000)
  • M92 ($83,500)
  • 34R ($89,000)
  • S80 ($105,000)
  • P64 ($178,000)
  • EV9 ($105,000)
  • Z37 ($108,900)
  • F69 ($125,000)
  • M46 ($110,000)
  • DX7 ($114,00)
  • 63C ($146,000)
  • STR ($232,000)
  • S90 ($192,000)
  • M4R ($173,000)
  • HSX ($256,000)
  • CC6 ($192,000)
  • 35R ($245,000)
  • 32R (4.99 USD)
  • V7G (5.99 USD)
carx street hcr
Image via CarX Technologies LLC

Class 3

Class 3 cars are the overpowered cars on CarX Street. These cars are rated from 247 to 357 and, their weight-to-power ratio ranges from 268 to 275 (kg/hp).

  • DX7 (7.99 USD)
  • STR (7.99 USD)
carx street str
Image via CarX Technologies LLC

P.S. – Here $ resembles the game currency ‘Silver’ in CarX Street and USD resembles the real currency US Dollar.

Racing cars are the main component of a racing game, and CarX Street is expected to have more variety of additions in its collection. We will update this list once a new car is added to CarX Street.

What are your thoughts on the cars in CarX Street? Let us know in the comments below!

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