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Cartoon Network is merging with Warner Bros. Animation after three decades of entertainment

The move follows company-wide lay-offs

In a move rather shocking to many who grew up watching Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Ben 10, Rick and Morty, and other such animated shows, Cartoon Network, the famous production house, and television channel, is being shut down in its current independent form and is set to be merged with Warner Bros. Discovery

Is this really the death of our childhood

Now the internet is rife with debate about this as many are being led to believe that this is the death of Cartoon Network as we know it in all its forms. However, that is not the case technically, as just the brand is being dissolved and all its inner workings are set to be merged with Warner Bros. Animation (Who focus mainly on IP based projects, unlike Cartoon Network, which has been creating iconic original shows for a while now). The studio will still continue to operate and produce content. 

What might hurt the legacy built by Cartoon Network is how the layoffs might affect how they put out shows. With Warner Bros. already on an unsteady track, there’s quite a bit of doubt as to whether the quality of animations will stay the same.

The recent lay-offs where Warner Bros. lost about 19% of their workforce will also have an impact on this. Sam Register will continue as head of Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios while Hanna-Barbera Studios in Europe will continue their work independently, according to an official memo.

There is quite a bit of fear mongering going on and one of the Art Directors at Cartoon Network Studios even took to Twitter to call out Cartoon Brew for their reporting. Nothing can be said with certainty about Cartoon Network Studios’ upcoming content right now however it should be interesting to see how Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Studios work together on new content and it would be quite conclusive about what we can expect from Warner Bros. 

What do you think about Cartoon Network being shut down? Tell us about your thoughts in the comments below

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