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BraveNine Story enters pre-registration on iOS and Android globally

Experience the smooth story of the visual novel

Recently, mobile game publisher and developer Neowiz revealed that pre-registrations for its next visual novel RPG BraveNine Story are now open worldwide. The pre-registration is currently live and can be done on the AppStore or the Google Play Store. As a reward for the community’s support, Neowiz is providing gamers with 3,000 Diamonds and five Roxanna boxes.

A visual novel turned into a game in BraveNine Story

A visual novel role-playing game called Brave Nine Story is based in the same world as the well-known video game Brave Nine. Players will experience an epic adventure while finishing a beautiful and absorbing tale.

Players will run into a variety of individuals along the route who might be allies or enemies. Those that are identified as foes will participate in the main fun of Brave Nine throughout the conflict.

bravenine story gameplay
Image via Neowiz

Players in Brave Nine Story have the option of switching between Story and Substory modes to learn more about the pasts of the mercenaries they meet. Players may also test out Battle Play, a more challenging gaming variation, or engage in PvP.

Players can be alerted when they can begin playing BraveNine Story by pre-registering for news of the game. Through Google Play or the App Store, anyone is welcome to do so.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming game BraveNine Story? Comment down below!

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