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Blizzard’s upcoming game codenamed Odyssey is reportedly leaked

A new AAA game is coming from Blizzard

Activision Blizzard has been working on a brand new AAA survival game codenamed Odyssey, which will be available on PC and Console. Blizzard announced the game in January, and it was said to have mechanics different than any other fantasy game. Odyssey will be Blizzard’s first significant IP since the release of Overwatch in 2016. Unfortunately, we know very few details about the upcoming release. However, based on leaks and a few things shared by Windows Central’s Jez Corden on the Xbox Two podcast, here’s everything we know about the game.

Odyssey will not be an MMO but a traditional survival game.

Blizzard’s upcoming survival game is an entirely different IP and doesn’t have any connection with other titles. According to Corden, the game is codenamed “Odyssey” and is quite similar to Everwild. The game is reported to be a traditional survival game, similar to ARK: Survival Evolved. Players will play it in First Person Perspective (FPP) and use bow and arrow and magic for combats.

odyssey blizzard poster
Image via Activision Blizzard

Base building and Crafting are important features in Odyssey as the game has base building mechanisms too. The players can also open shops and sell everything that they craft to other players in the game.

According to Corden, the game is set in a fairy tale aesthetics and emphasizes alchemy-based machines. However, he also added during the podcast that all the gameplay footage he has seen is from several months ago and might be very different now.

Fans are speculating the presence of multiplayer feature in Odyssey

Many people speculate the presence of multiplayer modes in the game after a job posting by Blizzard that was seen looking for a Lead Social Game Designer for an unannounced survival game who will work to “motivate players to engage with each other in ways both competitive and collaborative.” 

Release date of Blizzard’s new survival game ‘Odyssey’

Nothing is yet known regarding this AAA title’s release date or platform. Blizzard has only revealed that the game will be available for both PC and Console. Stay tuned as we will update every piece of information as soon as they are announced!

What are your thoughts on this upcoming survival game? Let us know in the comments below.

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