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Batora: Lost Haven is set to release on October 20, 2022 on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms

Fight intergalactic beings in the new action RPG

Batora: Lost Haven, a new interplanetary action RPG from Stormind Games, will be on sale on October 20 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms. A Nintendo Switch release will follow. However, those who want to experience the game before it launches may either check out the free PC demo on the Steam page now through September 19 or play it in person at the Tokyo Game Show from September 15–18.

Explore the vast galaxy and defeat dangerous enemies

Players can travel to various unusual alien planets in Batora: Lost Haven and learn about a galaxy where morality is hazy, and the distinction between right and wrong is razor-thin. Utilize the extraordinary skills of unlikely hero Avril to master various combat techniques, vanquish dangerous opponents, work through challenging riddles and accept missions from enquiring alien dwellers. Every decision will influence how you travel and complete your final quest—bringing back your lost haven.

batora lost haven gameplay
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Players in Batora: Lost Haven will embark on a fascinating intergalactic voyage where they will visit distant worlds, interact with a wide range of interesting creatures, and learn about the mysteries of the galaxy. They can also use the combined forces of the Sun and Moon to defeat dangerous foes and solve rewarding environmental obstacles. The fate of the cosmos and those who live in it are determined by the decisions made by the players.

In frantic encounters against imaginative enemies and otherworldly adversaries, players must combine the might of their mind and body. Their mind and body must be put to the test in order to overcome otherworldly obstacles. Additionally, hand-painted extraterrestrial landscapes with a variety of vibrant colors and styles can be explored by players.

Players can try out the demo version of the game on Steam and also wishlist the game there ahead of the launch. Most information about the game will be updated by the developers in the future.

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