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Atomic Heart: Available now to pre-install for Xbox Game Pass owners

Start downloading Atomic Heart now

Atomic Heart has to be one of the most anticipated games to be announced in this year as it has been in rumours for quite some time. Developed by Mundfish the game looks to be very interesting with quite a lot of chaos thrown into the mix. The game is set to release on February 21, 2023, however, some sources suggest that the game might get another delay for 6 weeks. However, a probable contrary event to the rumour is that Atomic Heart is available for pre-order in digital stores and as of now a new piece of confirming news comes from Xbox which we’ll discuss in this Atomic Heart article.

Atomic Heart, Atomic Heart cover image
Image via Mundfish

Atomic Heart: Available to download on Game pass

Atomic Heart is an upcoming FPS action RPG which really isn’t a piece of news for most gamers at this point however, the game does seem to be in a state of pre-order in most digital market spaces, however, as in the centre of this piece of news that Xbox Game Pass subscribers are already allowed to download the game on their consoles or PC.

This game is available as a “Pre-install” which basically means that the content would be downloaded to the console or PC but will be inaccessible until the release which is a bit farther than usual games in the pre-install stage. The game, however, seems to yet have a delay if rumours are to be believed but this game being in pre-install alone suggests.

Atomic Heart: When will it be playable

As apparent in this Atomic Heart article, it does seem that the game has cemented its launch date and will be released as scheduled on February 21, 2023. For the exact time of release on the release date, you can definitely check out our Atomic Heart launch article.

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