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Arena Breakout global version enters closed beta test in selected countries

Play the highly praises survival shooter

Arena Breakout will shortly be accessible for a closed beta in a few select countries. Soon, a closed beta test for the first-person shooter (FPS) being created by Morefun Studios and distributed by Tencent will start in Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines. The game’s official website offers players the opportunity to register for the test. The game will be made available to mobile players worldwide on both Android and iOS devices.

Arena Breakout is very similar to Espace From Tarkov

An expansive environment with intense action is included in the FPS game Arena Breakout. Here, unlike in other FPS games, killing enemies is not the primary goal. In an open-world environment, players will need to seek precious resources and equipment. Finding these goods and obtaining them before everyone else is the ultimate objective.

arena breakout gameplay
Image via Tencent

Players may handle a virtual soldier on a darkened battlefield with the ultimate goal of surviving in a setting with a huge open territory in the first-person shooter game. The game presents players with some of the toughest situations, from which they must prepare an evacuation strategy and an enemy attack.

Players must find a way out of the peril, whether they are ambushed or encircled by foes from all sides. The game has been able to provide the most accurate representation of a soldier going through agony and hunger, and even highlights profound damage in his body. The game allows players to gather resources, work together with their comrades, and win fights either on their own or as a team.

How to signup for Arena Breakout closed beta

Follow the given simple steps to signup for Arena Breakout closed beta:

  • Visit the official website of Arena Breakout.
  • Click on the Join Beta option.
  • Answer all the questions and fill out the necessary information in the form.
  • Tick the two checkboxes below.
  • Click on submit.

Arena Break Closed Beta system requirements

Android devices will need to have 64-bit operating system, a minimum 2 GB of RAM, and Android version 5.1 and above.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming closed beta of Arena Breakout? Let us know in the comments below!

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