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A Bunch of Us: Sony confirms prequel of ‘The Last of Us’

Know how the characters were like before we knew them

Sony, the publisher of ‘The Last of Us,’ recently confirmed the making of a prequel of the game called ‘A Bunch of Us.’ This week saw the release of ‘The Last of Us Part 1,’ a remake of the famous 2013 game on PC and PS5 platforms. Soon after the release, the developers shared their plan with the prequel of the renowned series.

A Bunch of US will be set before the events of the first game

The game will take place between the initial outbreak of the Cordyceps brain infection in 2013 and the events of The Last of Us. Players will find out what happened in the life of their favorite characters before the events of The Last of Us took place. They will get to know how the relations between the series’ characters formed and meet a bunch of new characters who existed before the events of ‘The Last of Us.’

the last of us part 1
Image via Naughty Dog

We see Joel meet Tess and Bill and really see how their relationships were formed. It’s important for us as modern storytellers to dig into every nook and cranny of the timeline and explore it in a way that absolutely nobody was hoping we would. Also, we’ll probably remake this thing in a few years, if we’re being honest,” said Jennifer Wilkes, a lead programmer on A Bunch of Us.

There are mixed opinions on the prequel

Although the official announcement about the prequel is yet to come from Sony, the news of the prequel has already spread among the community. While many people are very excited about the prequel, a portion of people also expressed the reason for the prequel being unnecessary.

Of course, there will always be a difference in opinion among people. But it no denies that ‘A Bunch of Us’ will give us a deeper look into the characters we see. It will also strengthen the plot of the games that come after. The developers are yet to share more details about the game.

What are your thoughts on the prequel of The Last of Us? Comment down below!

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